Sunday, June 5, 2016

Desi Touch.

This is a blog which I am posting retrospectively  I have been travelling extensively to the middle east and some parts of China, Thailand and other places in Asia. 

It was during one of the visits back home in Mumbai that I happened to be travelling to one of my friends house.  I decided  to use the public transport system which I usually do abroad.  The trains and buses were not as polished and clean as I  have seen  abroad.  The desi eateries on the road side here were not hygienic as compared to the small eateries or road side hawkers abroad where the cheapest of the hawkers or eateries offer a not so environment friendly means for maintaining hygiene i.e. they provide disposable plastic hand gloves.

My mind was in a mode which was drawing parallels with everything I saw and noticed here the infrastructure, the overall cleanliness and other factors which contribute to the aesthetics of a place,  as the day wore on I was dealing with thoughts and situations which were either similes or metaphors but one thing was sure my mind rife with comparisons. 

But all through these judgmental thoughts I was missing some thing …..I kept scratching my head but there was something major I had missed out ……as I got into the 5.30 pm train from Dadar to Thane.  The setting sun was casting an orange color to the blushing sky totally oblivious to the nudge and push which I was experiencing in the home bound train to the suburbs and my mind was also at peace in the cosmopolitan crowd which I seldom felt abroad.

 Believe it or not 70% of the countries abroad are racist and make bad gestures at the coloured  people if any one disputes me they are lying.  As my travel progressed in the crowded train ,a young hefty turk nudged me out of his way as he had to prepare himself to get down.  But being in mood which was peaceful I just moved aside without a protest.  After a while I felt a heavy hand on my shoulder and as I turned around I was looking straight into the face of the same hefty guy but his eyes were kind as he asked me did you feel bad I pushed you…. He then clarified that this is a train and every thing is fair in love, war and local train.  The next moment the station arrived and I lost this man in the sea of human beings all crawling back home but not before I realized that the peace I was experiencing was because of the acceptance levels  of people in our desi cities  which is more beautiful and a notch above all the aesthetics.


By blogger Jags


Friday, April 15, 2016


 As I take in the ambiance of this early morning sunrise….. I feel the effect of these positive thoughts silently entering my memory bank...all of them challenging the power of silence.  

I get logged on to the celestial network as if by default and settle down to write on a topic which has evaded me for some time now.  Though I am travelling but here I have to mention that this mode of transport is in no way conventional…. Yes I am travelling by this beautiful small I C Engine powered yacht.  As I settle down on the upper deck my hungry eyes are taking  in as much of this  panoramic view as  possible being an photography enthusiast, I realize that my eyes are doing a better job than my power shot, binding up this scene without the use of a wide angle lens or a long distance zoom.

 I am at loss of words as  I feel the silence transcending my entire being.  My focus is diverted to this beautiful feeling as the rolling and pitching  of the yacht is continuous & unabated, this is by  virtue  of the gyroscopic effect which is  an abstract factor but is certainly there!!

I get into an introspective mode but nevertheless it does not stop my mind from playing games. I feel an element of apprehension creep into me …. I mean I realize that this yacht is the only separating factor between me and the sea.  The periodic pitch and roll follows a definite pattern but an occasional rude jolt initiated by the sea makes me realize that though everything appears so… uniform...  so calm….. so predictive… so much in harmony  but  even a small deviation from the periodic pattern unsettles us… there is an element of un-certainty which keeps us guessing.  We could draw an analogy with life and the way it throws challenges at us.

Life is not your past because nothing can be really be changed as things have occurred, experienced and gone.  Thinking back in time or looking back retrospectively on the timeline we can at the most regret!  All our life we keep planning our future but if we add an element of rationality  to our thought process….. we all will agree that it is a futile exercise.  More often than not we assume an hypothetical  situation and try to put expected events on our time line… it is too far-fetched.

My point of view is that planning anything based on time is like trying to find direction in a scalar module.  This trait in the thinking process can only result in worry because all our whole efforts are directed towards trying to find something which is nonexistent and even if it does exist it lacks the direction.

Dividing our life on a time line has its limitation because there is no compass or definite direction.  It is something like stepping out of your house  without knowing where we are headed….. or without knowing the final destination.  Now coming back  to the topic on hand all the three virtues mentioned above viz:     

  • Sincerity
  •  Passion 
  • Compassion

The  above virtues can give  direction to our life but if I put this topic for open discussion…. I am sure that most of us would acknowledge the first two virtues i.e Sincerity and passion as both are very powerful.  Primarily because they can enhance our chances for  achieving  the impossible by acting as a catalyst  but all said and done they cannot ensure results which are  in synergy with life and enhance the human values.  The former two virtues(sincerity and passion) have their own limitations. 

A bird eye view will reveal that even the negative, inhuman, destructive act of terrorism needs both these virtues…. i.e sincerity directed towards the misinterpreted skewed ideologies backed by passion.  If someone like Osama Bin Laden is involved then his passion and sincerity took terrorism to new heights…. (The appropriate term would be “new depths”) which brought down the twin towers. 

So simply advocating that sincerity and passion should be imbibed in the generation next is not enough though they are essential but they cannot on their own ensure a trend which is in synergy with a human life.  Now taking this topic to the next level and considering a case in point that if the same Osama Bin Laden was blessed with the virtue of the third factor i.e Compassion then it goes with out saying that he would never have directed his other two virtues i.e  sincerity and passion to destroy his own brethren. 

It tears me apart when I realize that we are ignoring something so valuable just to achieve materialistic things.  I humbly appeal to all my readers to put efforts in bringing up this generation next to have a compassionate view in life and imbibe it in our generation next through the most powerful medium i.e education….. 
It is not just an appeal but it is an S.O.S

By blogger JAGS