Sunday, November 8, 2015

Against the tide

Against the tide

It is very true that when we go through a bad patch unfavorable things happen in tandem.   Despite the extra efforts we put into narrowing down the possibilities of failure but sometimes things don’t work out as desired and in desperation we try to make things happen.  This is what I call “against the tide” The resultant outcome more often than not is diametrically opposite to what we desire. 

As I reflect over this situation …. I realize that our reaction to such a situation  is that we end up blaming everything else other than ourself for such a situation but when the result is  favorable  we do not bat an eyelid before taking all the credit forthe success.  The attitude is as if  all the favorable factors were controlled by us but it is vice a versa.

 This is basic human nature and nothing wrong in taking credit I say this  because all this effort we put into any activity despite being aware that if the circumstances and conditions are not right then success will continue to  elude us but we still continue to try only on the strength of our self-belief. 

The reason for writing this blog after a long hiatus is that this morning I woke up  with a guilty feeling  and a retrospective frame of mind……. “guilty “  because I was late in commencing my work for the day  and “retrospective” because these thoughts had spilled over from the time I went to bed last night and still continued to keep my restless mind working   As it usually happens I was forced to draw parallels with the events which had unfolded unfortunately in such a way that I am left with a feeling of helplessness.  

All the virtues I possessed was watered down.  The more I try to deal with the situation the wall keeps crumbling down.  It’s like holding the sand tightly in a closed fist, before you try to quell the flow of sand the fist gets empty …… In a matter of a few days my life had  changed forever.  .  Life had unfolded this time  in an ugly way showing that the law of averages would catch up and believe me no one is spared.   

Everything good I did was catching up with me … my intentions were being questioned.  My integrity had shattered ….. I am left with picking pieces of what can be retrieved like a jigsaw puzzle.  But the mystery of life continues   as I reflect on my life  I realize it is no different from others life

I am forced to reflect on a passing thought  written by me in 2012 and it was called  “CHANGE”.  For the benefit of my readers it was quoted as below

Change is the essence of life`         
 Change is beautiful
Change is inevitable 
So accept the change and move on”

I`was really proud of this small but very relevant passing thought which was penned by me and appreciated by many ..   But nothing can be as real as experiencing the change.  This experience made me realize that nothing about change is constant and the only thing constant about change is change itself? what a paradoxical statement.

As I continue to explore this thought process on how the perception of person or a thing continues to change I suddenly realize that the outcome of  an event is sometimes favorable and sometimes unfavourable this is nature’s   way of ensuring that change is constant and there is constant change

The only comfort I draw from this write up is that  life is always in a state of constant change so this rough patch will also be experienced and gone 

We would never be able to enjoy the good time if we did not experience  the bad times.  The key to peace of mind is accept the change and move on.

By blogger jags

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