Friday, July 4, 2014

Re-Visiting My Childhood

Ths is a post that needs no inspiration or motivation ,  however when both these are lacking  there is no dearth of reasons to procrastinate。Some times I blame the intellectual quotient or at other times it is either the place, mood, time zone…..or any other factor which has no relevance  to the delay but without hesitation  it doubles up as an excuse. IMG_9177
However all said and done if two factors are present i.e sincerity and focus then these can counter the very elements which suppress the creative output.  This can bring into focus things that go un-noticed when we are being humbled by an experience that sows seeds of gratitude within us.
Now before i go off the tangent into another orbit let me tell my learned readers that I am writing this topic having all the four factors in place. This was a result of a casual telephonic call to my school classmate Nirav who happened to invite me over for dinner which I readily accepted.
IMG_9178As the conversation continued the innovative mind of my childhood friend Nirav who is now a  successful stock broker and the owner of a company dealing in Shares saw an opportunity to invite all other classmates who live in his vicinity and probably meets them when ever he steps out of his house.  But as I live abroad he took advantage of this fact and gave an invitation to all our classmates saying that since I was in town after a long time  all of them could meet me over dinner at his place.
I really felt special like a celebrity however this feeling was my myopic vision but Nirav my friend has a larger perspective view but not larger than his heart who did not think twice when he invited almost 30 of our school mates.  At first it sounded and felt like just another invitation for dinner at a friends house.  But as the day approached, I saw Nirav’s post on the whatsapp group giving an open invitation to all other class mates i saw most of them confirm while few of them politely but reluctantly refused to come due to unavoidable circumstances.
The waiting period for that special evening finally came to an end and I found myself at Nirav’s doorstep 30 minutes too early much to the surprise of his wonderful family .  However in normal circumstances I would have been embarrassed but my approach to the whole situation was very different instead of feeling out of sorts I started a light conversation with his children who took to me like my own children.
His kids and I had a talk on various topics including my writing.  I was in the thick of things when It dawned on me that this was not a common affair………. I waited with a lot of patience for the  said time to come so that I could meet my childhood……. my past …my identity …… roots ……. my bearings …my classmates ..My Umbilical Connections…..yes the people whom I was to meet that night were not merely my friends but were a part of me who had migrated in life but they were My Umbilical Connection.  A connection so deep that it has defined me as a person.  It was all about sharing a bit of every one of us……..thats why i call them My Umbilical Connections.
As the August crowd started gathering in the wonderfully lit house of Nirav which had all shades of pale yellow and to contrast it some of the furniture were in bright red which set the theme for the evening echoing the sentiment that it was the same contrasting feeling  when I left my umbilical connections thirty three years ago to meet again at the NIRAVS.
Each one of my friends arrived one by one.  With each arrival my mind would go into a turbo search mode and believe me I recognised each one them comparing them with the child in school uniform some times this middle aged mind struggled to Tag each face with a name.
The girls from my class almost equalled the number of boys who had all come to revisit the past.  All of my friends had come on the pretext of having a sumptuous dinner but the truth was that all of   them had come to revisit their childhood and visit they did!!!
The evening stretched late into the night with all My Umbilical Connections having a great evening back slapping reliving the golden age but like all good things have a short shelf life.  All my friends had come with a child within them.  As soon as the clock started screaming that it was almost midnight the child within each one of us slowly moved on and the actual social locus standee in each one of us came to the fore…..a la… some playing the role of father, boss, mother, mother in law, grand parents….its unbelievable how wonderful life is. 
Thank you Nirav and family for being a catalyst in bringing all my Little Angels together and making me realise that they are My Umbilical Connections !!!!
By blogger Jags

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