Monday, May 5, 2014

Where Angels Tread On “WhatsApp”

This write-up is triggered by the effect of reading the chat history  of whatsapp messenger.  I am talking particularly of a group chat ….. yes a very special group …….. “ and it is aptly named after my alumni ‘' Little Angels High School”
The group of around 40 alumni members of my batch who passed out in 1981. I read the names of each individual in the group with the corresponding mobile numbers, my mind starts groping into my memory bank which is not made up of bytes or kilobytes and need not be defragmented for better performance.  All  I have to do is simply go down the memory lane of this wonderful life and look for the milestones. 
After tracing back thirty three years I find these innocent, adolescent faces.  The only exercise this middle aged mind has to do is tag these faces with a name chosen from the group info of this platform called Whatsapp. messenger.
As soon as the name matches with the corresponding face …….. I get transported back in time living those wonderful moments of an era which was devoid of any technological advancement.
A realisation then creeps in slowly like we all  creeped into the class-room  ever so slowly without attracting the tutors attention (be it a“Indira teacher”  or a “Rao sir”) whenever we were  short of being punctual …… a realisation that we were really happy then even though we did not have mobile phones, laptops or an ipad neither were we connected by internet which is now indispensible.
Yes what we had was the  virtue of being innocent at that age where all the friends were friends irrespective of the monetary considerations, caste, ethnicity religion, social standing and family background.  There was a sense of oneness, harmony, belonging where any one could throw diplomacy out of the window and bluntly tell the other on the face whatever he felt deep inside……I mean the relations were more than being honest.
Now as I silently read the transcript of the whatsapp chat I am pleasantly surprised that though the faces have weathered the age, the mind of each individual has matured by virtue of the experience gained.  I realise a lot of water has flown under the bridge when in particular I was given pearls of wisdom by my captain on some issues during a personal chat.
But a point I want to bring to the fore here i.e keeping in spirit of an old saying viz:  “There is little bit of a child in every grown up man”  This whatsapp Alumni group is such a forum where all grown ups put off their guard and become children again…. in other forums this kind of behavior would have been frowned upon and would have been labeled as childish. 
A senior finance  manager and probably head of so many divisions of company in the USA…. I have not bothered to find out his designation  or progress he has made because Sundar happens to have a beginning not only parallel to me but also has a common starting point.  In his words as he has very rightly described this group as “here we are again joined at the hip”…. what wonderful way of describing the proximity in just a single sentence. 
Now coming back to this wonderful platform Whatsapp, though the digital technology has many advantages my approach has been more apprehensive than being open towards the effects of the digital technology on the sensitivity of the human beings. 
I think it is because I belong to the analog era  and I also possess the virtue witnessing the  sublime transition from the analog to the digital world which is making progress by leaps and bounds.
The basis of todays write up is the application of the digital technology.  Here it has been creatively applied to form such a wonderful platform which dissolves all the distances and melts all time zones to bring together  all the Angels from all over the world on a common platform …. thank you so much whatsapp for making my heart sing …. “Under the banner of our school, we wow to display…….. shouting aloud……that we are so proud….. little angels to be!!!!!!!
By Blogger Jags

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