Saturday, February 15, 2014

So What??

The topic written by me today is sure to make my readers sit up and think.  The name itself may give the readers an impression that this write-up reflects defensive overtures or conversely  if I put myself in the shoes of  my readers I start feeling that this topic may give an impression that I am in a confessional frame of mind.

My thoughts have got nothing to do with what others  may perceive.  My  journey through this wonderful life has been like a curious little child sitting on the seashore and picking up curious shells at random…… some very beautiful, some distorted while some look  dirty and some still functioning like a shelter for sea life.  I am convinced that life teaches us with every passing moment, sometimes through good experience and sometimes through bad experience but irrespective of the kind of experience the resultant outcome is always positive. How much we take out of every  experience is totally dependent on our attitude.

Taking a cue on the importance of attitude I turn my focus to the topic on hand which is defined by two small words…. Words which prompt us into thinking that this also could be an attitude.  If these words translate into attitude to the right extent then things could change around.  I say this because when seen through a right perspective this kind of attitude questions our own limitations.  These limitations are a result of challenges life throws at us at every step.

I have seen resilience creep back into people when faced with un-surmountable challenges just by bringing in the “so what” attitude.  I have been experimenting with this attitude for a while now but what convinced me more than anything to write on this topic was the effect it had on one my engineers who was facing family problems.   

He was on the verge of tears and was about to tender his resignation. I asked him one basic question so what?…….you have got issues……. so what??  What stops you from doing the things that matter??   The moment he was faced with a question so blunt…….. yet a question that cut through his apprehensions with razor sharp precision.  He realised that everything we see and experience in life `are too insignificant when compared with life itself……so I am also prompted to ask my readers so what??  if we have some limitations doesn’t end there …. Life doesn’t cease to exist……. It’s all about asking yourself “SO WHAT” and see a beginning of a new beginning!!

By Blogger Jags

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