Saturday, January 18, 2014

One step ahead and slip a few back

This is a topic which I have been waiting to write.  But time and again I procrastinate as other things take precedence over this topic. 

This is must write topic for me.  Today en-route the airport there is the usual hustle and bustle.  I see people in a rush to reach the airport ….. sometimes when we see someone in a rush to make it on time ….. the human mind switches to a judgmental mode and we start thinking why cant these people plan when the fight schedule is frozen long back….. we forget at that moment that life is so unpredictable and throws challenges at us at every step which even the airlines who have a fixed schedule cannot escape.  

It makes us more determined to be better planned…. to bring about a change in the way we think…… the way we organize …. To have better techniques…to have better technology all to ultimately face the challenges of life.  More often than not we succeed but what we don’t understand is we fail to draw a line to what extent we must use technology.

To take this topic further …… I continue to write.

I was patiently waiting for the metro train to take me to the airport in this small but beautiful place Hongkong.  As is very common here most of the cities have the metro stations which exit into the airports….. as my mind was busy on the instant messenger in my smart phone…my undivided attention was disturbed by a very noisy group which was a mixture and could be distinguished on two counts i.e adults and children both male and female.  But what struck me distinctly was the dialect which was not only familiar but very close to my heart.

The spoken language of this group was definitely Marathi and that too spoken in a tone and style which confirmed that they were from the same place as me.  But the uproar these people had created had brought the whole station alive …. No they were not shouting, fighting or protesting but were laughing much in the same way we see characters in cartoons…. Only short of ROFL…. (For those who are not updated the full form is “Rolling on the floor and laughing”).  

I was amused and my inquisitiveness got the better of me.  Trying to find out what on the earth were these people enjoying so much when majority of the population did not find any other option other than digging themselves deep in the smart-phones on some pretext or the other and that included me.

I noticed and could interpolate from their talk that some part of the group had exhausted the prepaid card balance used for paying the metro services.  Not knowing where to go in the nick of time to refill the prepaid card they decided on dual entry through the narrow electronic gates which open only when presented with a valid ticket or an prepaid card.  

It was a very funny sight to see adults some of them overweight trying to squeeze through the small gates while one tiny child held back the electronically operated gate as if hanging on for dear life.  The only thing common among them was their laughter which was equal in intensity despite the difference in size.

The laughter continued much after the whole group had exited out on the limited prepaid cards they had......... but the enjoyment was unlimited.  Though they were on the wrong side of law there was no malafide intent only a tint of impishness but better sense prevailed when I guided some of the responsible men in the group to where the prepaid cards could be validated…

I was forced to reluctantly leave the group as the metro train arrived while the group waited for their prepaid cards to be validated. My attention was brought back to my waiting smart-phone as it relentlessly kept buzzing indicating that some messages had arrived.  But unknowingly I put my phone back in my pocket.

My mind had been shaken out of the comfort zone thinking why….why..... I could not laugh my heart out…like those people who were........may be not so techno savvy like the rest of the world.......but they still had the virtue of laughing their heart out.. My luggage was filled with gadgets that are supposed to make life easy…but where was the laughter .......... all we have been left with..... are emoticons which have replaced this human virtue…. I realized that this whole generation is missing out on the human element thinking we are  technology. 

Technology is a function of our creativity and not vice a versa.  It is a mere tool which we have to use without killing our sensitivity and creativity.  We have to keep both these virtues intact so that there is positive progress and we do not slip a few steps back while taking a step ahead.  So friends let us not become slaves….. let us enjoy freedom as complete humans and that is sustainable progress,

By blogger  Jags

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  1. Let us enjoy freedom as complete humans