Friday, October 4, 2013

The Beautiful Misconception

I push myself to reach the bus stop in this fast moving city but I guess I have to move shade faster…… I am already late. Though I have been brought up in a metropolis like Mumbai in India but what intrigues me is the fact that like every person every city has its own personality….. Here I am comparing this city of Guangzhou with Mumbai.

As I hurry my mind is pulling me in a different directions making me realise that the mind is a master at multitasking….on one hand it is pushing my body beyond its physical limits to see that I catch the morning bus on time. …. On the other hand it also draws me into thinking of some abstract things like I am doing now… let me come back to what I am saying while the mind keeps me pushing me to do things which are a part of the daily grind and at the same time it also draws me into a whirlpool of thoughts.
Now as I sit back to write,

I am amazed at the power of mind which we fail to acknowledge…. But acknowledge I must!! So I bring myself back on track …. While both the cities have different characters…i.e if I had to personify the city of Mumbai what comes to mind is a person who is aggressive, hardworking and always thinking about the job on hand 24 x7 but in contrast the city of Guangzhou though very similar to Mumbai….. but the personified character of Guangzhou would be in stark contrast i.e it would personify itself into person who is very passionate about his work, who needs to take a break at the end of the day and his work is a function of his creativity. I mean that it would personify into a person who is an artist. I hope I am able to convey what is in my mind and that’s why this city appeals so much to my senses and there is an unknown bond which is very difficult to define.

With these things in mind while I am huffing and panting I am totally oblivious to the things around as I reach the extremity of the colony. I take a flight of stairs which lead me to the red tiled footpath which is in stark contrast to the blue sky. I keep walking briskly to the bus stop and I realise that there is another colour which is adding a mystic dimension to the already contrasting theme.

However the vastness of this green colour is limited to the slim figure it hugs which has a striking bright face with glittering diamond like teeth which are exposed every time those beautiful lips part into a million dollar smile.

This petite short haired beauty is all smiles as she turned in my direction. I wonder what on earth had happened to me…… such a beautiful girl smiling at me and if I did not respond with a reciprocating smile it would be an insult to the creator, the nature and the supernaturaI power that control everything else which we cannot.

I notice that inspite of being in possession this beauty…… this girl is totally oblivious to the attention she is drawing form her co passengers in the crowded bus station. I realise that all these people had also been distracted and momentarily forgotten the tasks on hand which cumulate into the work while we go about the daily grind.

The realisation that this beautiful creature was actually speaking into her mobile through her head set and someone at the other end had triggered this beautiful smile. This confusion had made me smile and she had complimented me with her smile. As the awkwardness subsided she came a step closer to me and in an local Chinese ascent asked me in fragmented English “do we know each other”…. That is when I realised my folly.

However this mistake resulted in a pleasant conversation which bordered around trying to understand each other all along the way to the office. Though nothing really came out of this conversation I realised that I had not noticed that my attention had been diverted from all the pressing issues on hand and the usual morning crowd which is always an irritant. As the bus reached my destination I reluctantly got down and walked a wee bit slowly to my office reflecting back on this heady experience …. My encounter with beauty

But this brief interaction with someone so beautiful set my thoughts rolling…. I started thinking that beauty has many cause and effects on the human psyche……but what I was experiencing was the effect of beauty on me. This was irrespective of the fact that the person concerned was maybe half my age….. As I think more deeply I realise that only beauty cannot substitute people who love you unconditionally irrespective of your looks, age and social standing.

Thinking retrospectively it was a close encounter with beauty which brought me back to basics and made me realise how blessed I was in life to find unconditional love. After all with every experience we a grow a little more..

By blogger Jags.

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