Thursday, September 26, 2013


This   is   one    aspect of human nature which really needs to be understood.  The reason as I see  is that this human virtue is a must because it helps in taking the right decisions in our daily grin. As per me this could be one of the most significant difference in animals and human beings.

I have been woken up from my deep sleep ……thinking about this aspect.  The more I think the more intrigued I am….. infact as I am thinking on this issue my mind also has come in a judgemental mode and the result is that I am see things in a better light.  I have been at the taking end of situations because of this virtue possessed by people in different walks of life…..….

Anguished ….. I try to analyze ……. I realize and it is my firm belief that people are people wherever you go but somehow this virtue which has put human beings ahead of all animals acts as a double edged weapon and causes a hindrance to balanced thinking in these wonderful people.  They believe that the people are different based on the region they come from.  

I agree….behavior, food habit, attitudes and social outlook all have a bearing on the origin we come from…… but the basic human elements like emotions, breathing, hunger, insecurity, happiness, sorrow, sympathy, living, dying etc, etc ….. all remain unaltered and nothing in this world can change it.
The more I put this mind in an analytical mode…… the more convinced I am that there is nothing wrong in being judgmental.  But this virtue has to be used whenever a practical situation in life arises, It is something like "cross the bridge when it comes"…….  Instead we let this virtue override our thinking and cloud our mind. 
We try to find reason for every act of others and try to classify them.  i.e  our acceptance of any given person, time and situation starts waning.  Instead of accepting the inevitable (of course we have to put efforts. Here I am talking of situations where things are beyond human reach) we start judging and trying to blame situation or person which is just not right.
A perspective view of the larger picture always helps but alas we have no time stand and stare because we are too busy judging others.
By Jags

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