Tuesday, July 2, 2013


As I take a break from my exercise routine early this morning to bring the rush of adrenalin down. it has been pumped up by virtue of the exercise. The interrupting factor though... is the rain and I find my self grumbling that ...... this is the last thing I wanted to fight ........after overcoming the self inertia which had resulted in procrastination for a long period.

This whole ritual I realize is a feeble attempt made by a middle aged man to resist the inevitable which is aging. I have heard a number of times before that nothing in life is predictable but when people make this statement they do not consider this aspect of life i.e aging and death are milestones which no man can avoid and are inevitable. Ignoring this aspect of life shows that man has made advancements in all spheres but .........man has still to grow .........still to see the larger picture.........still to accept that change in life is inevitable........

This virtue or let me ........ use a more appropriate word "this acceptance" would solve many issues which one goes through ..........in the process of living a life .........which is constantly changing but moving towards a definite end.

Every body plays a definite role in life as professionals. We don various "avatars" (this word has been used by many social networking sites but actually this word is derived from the sanskrit language which means role played by one in this life) but thinking that we are the "avatar" and forgetting that we are mere humans being governed by powers of this celestial system is a cardinal mistake most of us commit.

In short non acceptance of this fact is the root cause of many problems the world is facing today .......in the garb of terrorism, increased crime rate etc. In fact as per me for sustainable world progress the approach has to change...... Instead of classifying this world into various categories like first world countries ..... second.... or the super powers. The view points have to be more realistic and view people as people ........ not based on color, caste, creed, religion, rich or poor.....all the political leaders should have a common agenda....... I.e see people as people and not as I mentioned ......first world countries ....... etc etc.

And this can come only when we accept ourselves as mere humans and also be aware that with every passing minute of our life we are moving closer to the inevitable. The journey towards the inevitable is unpredictable but beautiful like I realized..... It had just started drizzling when I started exercise forcing me to reflect and write..... I too made the cardinal mistake of assuming that it would dark and gloomy the whole day..... But I accept the unpredictable element of this inevitable journey called life because I can see a ray filtering through the leaves of this tree.........and yes it forces me to conclude that life is beautiful if there is hope, good intention and yes of course acceptance.

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