Wednesday, May 15, 2013


As I walk with unsteady steps towards the operation theatre……. I move through the dense human mass which appears hazy as I push my way through this crowd ……. Hazy not because my eye sight is weak but because the focus is right now shifted to the operation theatre which is my temple this afternoon where all my pains are supposed to be sacrificed.

I am amazed …..Amazed at the sensitivity we exhibit as humans sub-consciously!! ……I say this because the hazy entropic crowd which is devoid of any discipline silently gives consideration to the pain I am going through. Without any effort I find the crowd giving way. The pain reflected on my face is enough for the unruly crowd to understand and prove all my apprehensions wrong…… . As I enter the typical sterile confines of the operation theatre I am still groping for answers trying understand …….where does all this sensitivity vanish…….when man turns his selfish attention to his wanton needs. 

 At this moment I am not interested in expressing my critical view on human nature which in itself is a very large subject to handle. But as a student of engineering I have always supported this school of thought that engineering is a better profession.  Though……. I would not call it noble but would like to  rate it as more respectable as compared to a career in medicine but all this was to change today lets find out how? 

 I am welcomed by a team of medical staff who have a matter of fact look in their eyes. I was feeling out sorts because the conversation in the operation theatre sounded too casual as compared to the task on hand. I keep overhearing the instruction being clinically given by the surgeon to his team without much of a thought which had an air of “seen it all and done it all”. Even in the cool confines of this OT the neatness and the polished way of the doctor rubs on to me and does not go un-noticed. It makes me wonder if this is a virtue which is imbibed in the doctors as a part of their academic curriculum. 

 These thoughts are disturbed by the continuous banter of the anesthesist who was going out of his way to make me feel comfortable before finally administering the anesthesia. I keep slipping in and out of my semi consciousness but even with half my body refusing to sense the pain it was being subjected to … the body devoid of pain gives stimulus to a thought which never occurred to me even when I was conscious and fully alert. I am forced to think that though both the professions are based on scientific interpolation but there is a difference….yes there is a difference. 

Engineering deals with forces and parameters which can be measured and are definite but medical science deals with factors beyond its ambit and reach i.e giving stimulus and creating conditions where the human body recovers depending on its resilience. The recovery part is a natural process and not within the reach of the doctor.  That means the doctors are working against more odds and that is the reason we sometimes hear doctors muttering "we have done the best and the rest is left to god."  But a statement like that from any engineer will raise many eyebrows. This is why I realise that medicine is a noble profession…… a profession inspite of being scientifically so advanced does not forget to acknowledge the supreme power and is definitely a noble profession.

By blogger Jags