Monday, February 11, 2013


This is a topic which can churn a lot of emotions and can double up as a stimulus to motivated efforts. It can stretch human efforts and imagination beyond its limits. I have been toying with the idea of writing on this subject for a while now….. But every time I attempt to write on this topic I am me in a dilemma… how I would take this forward …… I have been out of country for a while now by virtue of this I have met people from all walks of life.

Though people the world over follow different religions, belief &, family values etc…. but where success is concerned the view point of people converges to a common point.

Though the perception of success is different for different individuals but the need to succeed is common factor which peoples the world over share. It is important to note that success can be achieved in many ways depending on the mindset of the people. But what is actually playing on my mind at this moment are two very important factors which have to be borne in mind while analyzing success

1. The way to success
2. The perception of success

Now if I have to really go into the depths of both the above points then one thing that has to be kept mind is “what success means to us or what is the measure of success”! But the best way to analyze anything is by introspection. It goes without saying that though monetary considerations may play a major role in motivating people to achieve what they perceive as success but if success fails to give a sense of satisfaction then there is reason for real concern.

But for any success to be accompanied by self-satisfaction the result is important but more than that the path or the journey to success is more important i.e for me success can be achieved in so many ways but if the path taken is unfair and such that it has violated others rights such resultant success can never give happiness or self-satisfaction.

it is important to note that nature has made every human being with a blue print to do good and equipped us with sensibility and intelligence. Now if the resultant success has been achieved by unfair means such success will never give self-satisfaction because it is achieved by violating others rights.

Now coming to the second point “the perception of success”. It is a very subjective matter and can vary from person to person. Any success which does not enrich us spiritually and enhance human values is only temporary and cannot be called success .

This point was driven home by a comedy reality show in which the whole theme was based on the down fall of a liquor baron and chairman of airline company. It brought to the fore the ugly short comings of what we perceive as success.

This program was aired by a premier channel where the whole nation sat and watched this insensible program. This program en-cashed on the downfall of a successful man making him a laughing stock. The success achieved by this liquor baron was materialistic and not spiritual. In contrast the success achieved by Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekanand etc is real success because they are based on upliftment of human values which can never be diluted and cannot become a target of this myopic generation. That for me is real success.

By blogger Jags

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