Sunday, February 17, 2013

Curtains Down....but the show must go on !

This morning as I sit on the staircase of this building which is now the office of this construction company. This building also houses within its confines my resident place for the last six months.

I sit here with a sense of emptiness as I watch the night darkness give way to early morning sunlight. I watch for the first time in this sleepy town without a sense of urgency the sun kissed stretches of empty land which are waiting for industrialization to take over.

As I am still groping within myself for answers and trying to understand the feelings which are rushing within this mortal being My thought process is 
disrupted by the sweet chirping of birds which reminds that there is more to life than just materialistic things but as I think deeply and ponder over this thought which often brings me back to the basics but I remind my self that being a part of this wonderful society I have responsibility for the people who love me unconditionally irrespective of my materialistic possessions.

Though I may be on the last phase of my association with this wonderful place called Salalah but I remember my first write up "beauty the way of life "

The beauty of this wonderful feeling transcending my being is that this feeling has not changed ever so little and Salalah is etched in my memory forever.....

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