Saturday, December 21, 2013


It is 10.30AM anIn dedication to feeling which is so beautiful....... d I am taking stock of the situation at work.  I am a little irritated that my bankers have refused to enhance my limits…. I am muttering to myself how can I convince these damn bankers…. Every requirement you have….. they want a security……at the same time a passing thought just crosses my mind …….if the bankers were really so strict then how the hell did so many people manage so many scams….. to my confused mind the only people to benefit from these scams were the people from the press.
They get fodder to keep the news mills rolling and would be very glad to provide a sensational news to the ever hungry public each morning.…with such a mind set and an intense feeling of self sympathy I start wondering to myself “why were all the strict bankers posted in branches where I have an account”…. I take a pseudo ethical stand ……and I convince myself  that “all rules are only for those who acknowledge them”…..given an opportunity it would have really been difficult for me to pull one of the scams off because they also needed some special skills and a malafide intent to pull off such a scam ……which I did not possess.
The coffee boy has just arrived with the everydayIMG_0280routine coffee…. one look at the coffee …..gets my temper shooting upwards….. the coffee  is almost as white as milk,…. this only acts as an catalyst to flare up my already irritated mood…. and in a tone that personified the pent up frustration  I ask him the most relevant question on that day…. why  Joshi(The canteen owner) too is short of working capital???  Why so little coffee powder in my brew ….. I always take pride in the fact that even the boys working at canteen knew my preferences and took care to add very little sugar and make the coffee strong.
With so many questions being bombarded at the poor canteen boy; confusion got the better of him and he dropped the coffee cup on the request letter which I had freshly drafted after a lot of thought….. hoping that the language which reflected my anxiety and the insensitiveness of the bankers….. would melt the icy situation… but alas this coffee boy was not going to let that happen.  Irritated that I was … I barked at the unsuspecting coffee boy…how much have those bankers paid you to thwart my attempt at squeezing something extra out of them!!.  In the melee  my mobile phone starts ringing relentlessly  and as I grope in the piles of paper on my table to locate the mobile phone the sound of which was getting on my nerves before I finally  find it to and notice that that it is an unknown number……..answer this call  I am horrified at the unusual request from a friend who has not been in touch with me for the last two years…..……
In short ………. this only gives a cursory view of the happenings at my office on a Monday morning.…. AND GETTING SUCH A REQUEST.. in the midst of my prime time confusion was beyond what I  could comprehend…….now following is the transcript of my exercise to avoid his silly request….(silly from my point of  view)…. but  he was determined to tell me a real love story to which he was a witness.  I just  gestured to my assistant that I was in for trouble.
Caller: Hello … How are you jags?? guess who is this??Me: Kaun hai (Who is it) who ever you are just tell me what you want
Caller:  How can you forget my voice just try to get me.  I am your friend and I got to meet you urgently..
Me: After a loaded pause….. its ok …. but who are you??
Caller:  Arre sirji…. I am Vishnu you r friend…. I have been regularly reading your write ups ….. and I have got a nice story to narrate and believe me it is a real life love story and  I want it to be written only by you.
Me:  What?? you are…what did you say??
Caller: I am waiting outside your office…… please its very urgent…. i need to talk to you….. I will wait …. please give me  a couple of hours … so that while narrating this story we may as well have lunch…?
Me: Vishnu   (using some expletives * ****& % #& $  ***which I did not intend him to hear)  you are impossible…..anyways since you have come please …… I was wondering why was this guy so keen on narrating a love story….. that too….. so urgently ….. ?

After disconnecting the call I lifted my head while mentally preparing myself to sacrifice my precious time and attend to this guy ….. I was simultaneously also  contemplating giving him a piece of my mind for coming to meet me wiyellow rose2thout a prior appointment…. and that too….. while still lost in my thoughts i raised my head I saw blurred white mass in front of my eyes and realised he was standing in front of me…… I looked at him with an intent to make him realise that he was not welcome at this hour…… but the forlorn look in his red eyes betrayed that they were deprived of sleep….. but never the least there was a twinkle …. in those tired eyes which wanted to tell me something…… more than what met my eye ……I was made to realise……that yes I must give this guy the time he was asking for……because what ever Vishnu wanted to tell me was really important to him.   I noticed that he was giving more importance to the way he looked and there was a change in the ever workaholic mannerism.
He entered my cabin and i could recognise the perfume which was unmistakably Polo but I could not place the aroma and assumed it must be musk.  I thought to myself…… man this guy has changed.
After exchanging pleasantries and expressing views on various topics other than the one he wanted to discuss. After a while  I bluntly asked him you were to discuss some damn real love story ……loud enough for my staff to overhear……. the mention of this was enough for him to stick his tongue.  He discreetly told me to speak slowly and it was obvious he was trying to hide something.  I really did not care a damn and the whole office any way knew and looked upon this guy as an intruder in the proceedings of the day.  He asked me to close the door of my cabin so he could tell me something in the privacy of my isolated cabin.
On closing the cabin door and he opening his mouth; I realised I had hit upon  a ice berg which had a lot to reveal under the surface.  Actually this guy was on a revelation mode…… but he was not confessing ….. I later realised that this guy was on the verge of sharing his story which dated back to his school days and fate had brought him face to face with his first love…… This kind of stuff was ok only in bollywood movies or in some kind of  girlie love stories .. like the Mills and Boon.  I have deliberately not compared this story with any novel by Harold Robins which are also based on love stories but they are different and I still enjoy reading them like I used to  in my teen age days.  The difference now and then is that…… back then  I read Harold Robins because of my inquisitiveness in the erotica and now I read his books for two reasons because of his beautiful language and also the way he treats sex which is so sensual and beautiful.  In both cases the  result is a rise in testosterone levels…. jokes apart. 
What made matters worse was that this though guy  was meeting me after a long spell and the fact that I have introduced him as an unwelcome guest……nothing in this world could deny the fact that ….. he is a good friend and that I knew his wife of twenty years ……This  made me feel kind of guilty for the way I had treated him to the point of being selfish and rude.  And he on the other hand had shown the confidence in me by choosing  to confide in me ….. though I had still to hear and understand his story….but all the above facts remain unaltered.
Now I will take this story from here as follows.  It is the transcript of how fate brought him face to face with his first love……I will be writing his story in first person as told to me by Vishnu…..The reason for writing it in the first person is because my writing has been critically appraised by Dr Dandekar (A very senior friend) many a times before and he has always pointed out to me that though I write well, I have a tendency to write all my articles in the third person……. it is better I don’t  give you a chance to criticise me …..Dr  Dandekarji….
 And finally Vishnu bears out his heart to me, in the midst of my busy schedule and in a venue which was an upscale Udupi restaurant making huge profit by serving the Udupi version of Punjabi dishes……but it was obvious this matter was bearing heavily on his mind and it really did not matter to him if he really had his lunch or no.. so he decided to share this story with someone and the safest person he could bet on was me…  Though I would like to believe that he had confidence in my writing  skills.  But the most important thing was that he had a greater confidence in me as a friend and that is why he was sitting in front of me at this Udupi restaurant and having pseudo punjabi food while telling me a real life love story.
(Now the story as told to me by Vishnu in first person)
Vishnu started by ordering food for me as well as for himself……. I noticed that there was some kind of intensity in his eyes when he started talking of the direction his life had taken in the past one month….. He told me as follows:
Jags my life has been spilit and i dont know which direction it will take …..   I never imagined that one day I would be in a dilemma to choose one Laxmi over another Laxmi…….. his eyes welling up with tears.
I asked him in a voice and pitch which showed genuine concern …. what do you mean…choosing one Laxmi over another Laxmi ?? Vishnu looked at me straight in my eye ……. his red eyes showing the intensity and feeling he had for both the women in his life and it was quite obvious that the former Laxmi was his wife of 20 years and the latter Laxmi I was still to know…IMG_1377
It became very clear to me why this guy was here and was he trying to garner support for his misadventure called Laxmi II …. was he trying to use me….. so many judgemental and insecure questions started popping up in my mind….. Finally as better sense prevailed I decide that I would form a opinion only after listening to his story and only then I would make up my mind…. what further course of action I had to take.  With this kind of mind set I ask Vishnu to go ahead with his love story uninterrupted ….
Vishnu starts by wiping his wet eyes and blowing his nose into his handkerchief.  I realised that he was at a stage where etiquettes really did not matter and he really did not have to put on a front.  He was probably thinking …… when he had decided to share something so close to his heart with me ….. all the etiquettes really did not matter and he continued in the same vein much to my chagrin  “Jags it is a long story it was during those days when there were no mobile phones, no dish TV….. yes people had TV sets which took about 3 to 5 minutes to start because they worked on CRT”  I asked him CRT?  He just brushed me aside and told me in a irritated tone that CRT  was the abbreviation for cathode ray tube.  He continued his story without waiting for me to acknowledge that I had heard and understood the technical aspect of what he just told me.  Every thing was so new … It was around the year Kapil Dev had just made his debut and he was as our answer to Jeff Thomson, Dennis Lillee , Richard Hadlee and of course the invincible Imran Khan.”
Vishnu continued his story …….. “cricket fever was just catching up that season and since I lived in that part of Mumbai where having enough space for playing was not a virtue of the cooperative housing societies way back even in 1978.  This forced us to go to a government housing colony with ample space to play cricket….. this is  where  my good friend Mahesh Apte’s father had been allotted a government  quarter by virtue of his clerical job in the government ….I used to be one of the best batsmen in the team.
“My friend Mahesh  belonged to a conservative family……. he lived with his  parents and only sister who studied in our school .  She was three classes junior to us.  Though I knew that Mahesh had a sister I had never quite made it a point to  notice her … he continued further …. moreover it was an unspoken rule  among our friends that each of the guys in the in circle would respect their sisters each other sisters.
“The first couple of days I went to play there…. I could never  concentrate on my game because I always felt that I was being watched….. yes I  was being watched from some discreet place …It was as if there was some kind of magnetic force.. It was a strange feeling but it  was affecting my performance and also my concentration so i decided to find the source of the distraction”.

Vishnu continued still hogging the rubberised roti….”I decided that since my batting was anyway getting affected”… “I rather find out this source of distraction…..I kept a watch on the houses that lined up along the small lane where we played cricket.  Actually this lane doubled up as good pitch which had a uniform bounce.  As I  concentrated noticing the similar glass panes which were a part of the the independent houses that looked alike  I noticed some one standing behind the opaque glass windows and looking intently towards with me”…… 

I did not have to look too hard to recognise the small  house which was obviously occupied right now only by Mahesh’s sister ………as both his parents were out at work and Mahesh was keeping the wickets.  I was obviously disturbed and furious….. I decided to give a piece of mind to this disturbance and hence on the pretext of having water I went to Mahesh’s house.  As I knocked the door Laxmi opened the door as she was probably keeping a watch on my  moments.  I had mentally rehearsed what I was going to tell her.  But as soon as the door opened I saw this beautiful creature.  All the anger and frustration drowned in the beauty of the round big eyes…. which had the longest eye lashes I had ever seen.  

The small innocent round face had a complexion which was radiant and golden brown…. I was speechless …it was as if this beautiful face was tugging a chord at my heart.  There was a stammer in my speech a silly smile on my face as i tried to hide my weakness for this beautiful.

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Beautiful Misconception

I push myself to reach the bus stop in this fast moving city but I guess I have to move shade faster…… I am already late. Though I have been brought up in a metropolis like Mumbai in India but what intrigues me is the fact that like every person every city has its own personality….. Here I am comparing this city of Guangzhou with Mumbai.

As I hurry my mind is pulling me in a different directions making me realise that the mind is a master at multitasking….on one hand it is pushing my body beyond its physical limits to see that I catch the morning bus on time. …. On the other hand it also draws me into thinking of some abstract things like I am doing now… let me come back to what I am saying while the mind keeps me pushing me to do things which are a part of the daily grind and at the same time it also draws me into a whirlpool of thoughts.
Now as I sit back to write,

I am amazed at the power of mind which we fail to acknowledge…. But acknowledge I must!! So I bring myself back on track …. While both the cities have different characters…i.e if I had to personify the city of Mumbai what comes to mind is a person who is aggressive, hardworking and always thinking about the job on hand 24 x7 but in contrast the city of Guangzhou though very similar to Mumbai….. but the personified character of Guangzhou would be in stark contrast i.e it would personify itself into person who is very passionate about his work, who needs to take a break at the end of the day and his work is a function of his creativity. I mean that it would personify into a person who is an artist. I hope I am able to convey what is in my mind and that’s why this city appeals so much to my senses and there is an unknown bond which is very difficult to define.

With these things in mind while I am huffing and panting I am totally oblivious to the things around as I reach the extremity of the colony. I take a flight of stairs which lead me to the red tiled footpath which is in stark contrast to the blue sky. I keep walking briskly to the bus stop and I realise that there is another colour which is adding a mystic dimension to the already contrasting theme.

However the vastness of this green colour is limited to the slim figure it hugs which has a striking bright face with glittering diamond like teeth which are exposed every time those beautiful lips part into a million dollar smile.

This petite short haired beauty is all smiles as she turned in my direction. I wonder what on earth had happened to me…… such a beautiful girl smiling at me and if I did not respond with a reciprocating smile it would be an insult to the creator, the nature and the supernaturaI power that control everything else which we cannot.

I notice that inspite of being in possession this beauty…… this girl is totally oblivious to the attention she is drawing form her co passengers in the crowded bus station. I realise that all these people had also been distracted and momentarily forgotten the tasks on hand which cumulate into the work while we go about the daily grind.

The realisation that this beautiful creature was actually speaking into her mobile through her head set and someone at the other end had triggered this beautiful smile. This confusion had made me smile and she had complimented me with her smile. As the awkwardness subsided she came a step closer to me and in an local Chinese ascent asked me in fragmented English “do we know each other”…. That is when I realised my folly.

However this mistake resulted in a pleasant conversation which bordered around trying to understand each other all along the way to the office. Though nothing really came out of this conversation I realised that I had not noticed that my attention had been diverted from all the pressing issues on hand and the usual morning crowd which is always an irritant. As the bus reached my destination I reluctantly got down and walked a wee bit slowly to my office reflecting back on this heady experience …. My encounter with beauty

But this brief interaction with someone so beautiful set my thoughts rolling…. I started thinking that beauty has many cause and effects on the human psyche……but what I was experiencing was the effect of beauty on me. This was irrespective of the fact that the person concerned was maybe half my age….. As I think more deeply I realise that only beauty cannot substitute people who love you unconditionally irrespective of your looks, age and social standing.

Thinking retrospectively it was a close encounter with beauty which brought me back to basics and made me realise how blessed I was in life to find unconditional love. After all with every experience we a grow a little more..

By blogger Jags.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


This   is   one    aspect of human nature which really needs to be understood.  The reason as I see  is that this human virtue is a must because it helps in taking the right decisions in our daily grin. As per me this could be one of the most significant difference in animals and human beings.

I have been woken up from my deep sleep ……thinking about this aspect.  The more I think the more intrigued I am….. infact as I am thinking on this issue my mind also has come in a judgemental mode and the result is that I am see things in a better light.  I have been at the taking end of situations because of this virtue possessed by people in different walks of life…..….

Anguished ….. I try to analyze ……. I realize and it is my firm belief that people are people wherever you go but somehow this virtue which has put human beings ahead of all animals acts as a double edged weapon and causes a hindrance to balanced thinking in these wonderful people.  They believe that the people are different based on the region they come from.  

I agree….behavior, food habit, attitudes and social outlook all have a bearing on the origin we come from…… but the basic human elements like emotions, breathing, hunger, insecurity, happiness, sorrow, sympathy, living, dying etc, etc ….. all remain unaltered and nothing in this world can change it.
The more I put this mind in an analytical mode…… the more convinced I am that there is nothing wrong in being judgmental.  But this virtue has to be used whenever a practical situation in life arises, It is something like "cross the bridge when it comes"…….  Instead we let this virtue override our thinking and cloud our mind. 
We try to find reason for every act of others and try to classify them.  i.e  our acceptance of any given person, time and situation starts waning.  Instead of accepting the inevitable (of course we have to put efforts. Here I am talking of situations where things are beyond human reach) we start judging and trying to blame situation or person which is just not right.
A perspective view of the larger picture always helps but alas we have no time stand and stare because we are too busy judging others.
By Jags

Friday, August 2, 2013

SO BE ..... IT By JAGS

I humbly acknowledge the one above ...... So be it.

I have been blessed so far ....... So be it.

One day it will be me with my self ......So be it

Like I came here all alone be it........

the same path I shall alone take......... So be it.

Insignificant that I be it

May not be as good..... So be it.

What will it matter......So be it.

And how will it matter......So be it.

as the others also follow me....... So be it.

And vanish into oblivion......So be it.

Some live back in other's memories..... So be it.

But I may not live that long..... So be it.

One day it will be only me with myself....... So be it

by blogger jags

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Difference Is The Creative Element.....

We get up every morning knowing we will do the same things today,

We did the same yesterday.........

And tomorrow will be no different........

That's what we think life is all about.

But add a little bit of creative element to the tasks .......

However insignificant they maybe.........

And see things turn around ........

You will be the best........

among the rest.........

By blogger: Jags

That is the difference between Sachin Tendulkar and the rest !

Monday, July 15, 2013


Take on the world ........
Like you never did!!

Give it your everything........
Like you never did!

Follow your dreams........
Like you never did!

And make them big........
Like you never did!

But never forget live life & love your
Like you never did!!

By blogger jags.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


As I take a break from my exercise routine early this morning to bring the rush of adrenalin down. it has been pumped up by virtue of the exercise. The interrupting factor though... is the rain and I find my self grumbling that ...... this is the last thing I wanted to fight ........after overcoming the self inertia which had resulted in procrastination for a long period.

This whole ritual I realize is a feeble attempt made by a middle aged man to resist the inevitable which is aging. I have heard a number of times before that nothing in life is predictable but when people make this statement they do not consider this aspect of life i.e aging and death are milestones which no man can avoid and are inevitable. Ignoring this aspect of life shows that man has made advancements in all spheres but has still to grow .........still to see the larger picture.........still to accept that change in life is inevitable........

This virtue or let me ........ use a more appropriate word "this acceptance" would solve many issues which one goes through the process of living a life .........which is constantly changing but moving towards a definite end.

Every body plays a definite role in life as professionals. We don various "avatars" (this word has been used by many social networking sites but actually this word is derived from the sanskrit language which means role played by one in this life) but thinking that we are the "avatar" and forgetting that we are mere humans being governed by powers of this celestial system is a cardinal mistake most of us commit.

In short non acceptance of this fact is the root cause of many problems the world is facing today the garb of terrorism, increased crime rate etc. In fact as per me for sustainable world progress the approach has to change...... Instead of classifying this world into various categories like first world countries ..... second.... or the super powers. The view points have to be more realistic and view people as people ........ not based on color, caste, creed, religion, rich or poor.....all the political leaders should have a common agenda....... I.e see people as people and not as I mentioned ......first world countries ....... etc etc.

And this can come only when we accept ourselves as mere humans and also be aware that with every passing minute of our life we are moving closer to the inevitable. The journey towards the inevitable is unpredictable but beautiful like I realized..... It had just started drizzling when I started exercise forcing me to reflect and write..... I too made the cardinal mistake of assuming that it would dark and gloomy the whole day..... But I accept the unpredictable element of this inevitable journey called life because I can see a ray filtering through the leaves of this tree.........and yes it forces me to conclude that life is beautiful if there is hope, good intention and yes of course acceptance.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


As I walk with unsteady steps towards the operation theatre……. I move through the dense human mass which appears hazy as I push my way through this crowd ……. Hazy not because my eye sight is weak but because the focus is right now shifted to the operation theatre which is my temple this afternoon where all my pains are supposed to be sacrificed.

I am amazed …..Amazed at the sensitivity we exhibit as humans sub-consciously!! ……I say this because the hazy entropic crowd which is devoid of any discipline silently gives consideration to the pain I am going through. Without any effort I find the crowd giving way. The pain reflected on my face is enough for the unruly crowd to understand and prove all my apprehensions wrong…… . As I enter the typical sterile confines of the operation theatre I am still groping for answers trying understand …….where does all this sensitivity vanish…….when man turns his selfish attention to his wanton needs. 

 At this moment I am not interested in expressing my critical view on human nature which in itself is a very large subject to handle. But as a student of engineering I have always supported this school of thought that engineering is a better profession.  Though……. I would not call it noble but would like to  rate it as more respectable as compared to a career in medicine but all this was to change today lets find out how? 

 I am welcomed by a team of medical staff who have a matter of fact look in their eyes. I was feeling out sorts because the conversation in the operation theatre sounded too casual as compared to the task on hand. I keep overhearing the instruction being clinically given by the surgeon to his team without much of a thought which had an air of “seen it all and done it all”. Even in the cool confines of this OT the neatness and the polished way of the doctor rubs on to me and does not go un-noticed. It makes me wonder if this is a virtue which is imbibed in the doctors as a part of their academic curriculum. 

 These thoughts are disturbed by the continuous banter of the anesthesist who was going out of his way to make me feel comfortable before finally administering the anesthesia. I keep slipping in and out of my semi consciousness but even with half my body refusing to sense the pain it was being subjected to … the body devoid of pain gives stimulus to a thought which never occurred to me even when I was conscious and fully alert. I am forced to think that though both the professions are based on scientific interpolation but there is a difference….yes there is a difference. 

Engineering deals with forces and parameters which can be measured and are definite but medical science deals with factors beyond its ambit and reach i.e giving stimulus and creating conditions where the human body recovers depending on its resilience. The recovery part is a natural process and not within the reach of the doctor.  That means the doctors are working against more odds and that is the reason we sometimes hear doctors muttering "we have done the best and the rest is left to god."  But a statement like that from any engineer will raise many eyebrows. This is why I realise that medicine is a noble profession…… a profession inspite of being scientifically so advanced does not forget to acknowledge the supreme power and is definitely a noble profession.

By blogger Jags

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Short Sighted..

Relations are a resultant of good understanding between individuals.

It is our shortsighted view which makes us focus on the shortcomings in a relationship rather than understanding that the brighter side of the relationship constitutes the bigger, larger and better part which gives us immense happiness.

Being a part of this beautiful life cycle ........ we must be aware that life can end at any juncture. however we all can a choose to play a small part in making others smile. All other materialistic factors though important pale long after we are gone.

Even with my limited knowledge in medical science I know that myopia or short sightedness is permanent. However the short-sightedness of the mind exists only till we get a proper perspective of life and also be aware of our shortcomings...... After all everyone knows happiness is a choice!!

Good morning

Blogger Jags.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Curtains Down....but the show must go on !

This morning as I sit on the staircase of this building which is now the office of this construction company. This building also houses within its confines my resident place for the last six months.

I sit here with a sense of emptiness as I watch the night darkness give way to early morning sunlight. I watch for the first time in this sleepy town without a sense of urgency the sun kissed stretches of empty land which are waiting for industrialization to take over.

As I am still groping within myself for answers and trying to understand the feelings which are rushing within this mortal being My thought process is 
disrupted by the sweet chirping of birds which reminds that there is more to life than just materialistic things but as I think deeply and ponder over this thought which often brings me back to the basics but I remind my self that being a part of this wonderful society I have responsibility for the people who love me unconditionally irrespective of my materialistic possessions.

Though I may be on the last phase of my association with this wonderful place called Salalah but I remember my first write up "beauty the way of life "

The beauty of this wonderful feeling transcending my being is that this feeling has not changed ever so little and Salalah is etched in my memory forever.....

By blogger. ......


Monday, February 11, 2013


This is a topic which can churn a lot of emotions and can double up as a stimulus to motivated efforts. It can stretch human efforts and imagination beyond its limits. I have been toying with the idea of writing on this subject for a while now….. But every time I attempt to write on this topic I am me in a dilemma… how I would take this forward …… I have been out of country for a while now by virtue of this I have met people from all walks of life.

Though people the world over follow different religions, belief &, family values etc…. but where success is concerned the view point of people converges to a common point.

Though the perception of success is different for different individuals but the need to succeed is common factor which peoples the world over share. It is important to note that success can be achieved in many ways depending on the mindset of the people. But what is actually playing on my mind at this moment are two very important factors which have to be borne in mind while analyzing success

1. The way to success
2. The perception of success

Now if I have to really go into the depths of both the above points then one thing that has to be kept mind is “what success means to us or what is the measure of success”! But the best way to analyze anything is by introspection. It goes without saying that though monetary considerations may play a major role in motivating people to achieve what they perceive as success but if success fails to give a sense of satisfaction then there is reason for real concern.

But for any success to be accompanied by self-satisfaction the result is important but more than that the path or the journey to success is more important i.e for me success can be achieved in so many ways but if the path taken is unfair and such that it has violated others rights such resultant success can never give happiness or self-satisfaction.

it is important to note that nature has made every human being with a blue print to do good and equipped us with sensibility and intelligence. Now if the resultant success has been achieved by unfair means such success will never give self-satisfaction because it is achieved by violating others rights.

Now coming to the second point “the perception of success”. It is a very subjective matter and can vary from person to person. Any success which does not enrich us spiritually and enhance human values is only temporary and cannot be called success .

This point was driven home by a comedy reality show in which the whole theme was based on the down fall of a liquor baron and chairman of airline company. It brought to the fore the ugly short comings of what we perceive as success.

This program was aired by a premier channel where the whole nation sat and watched this insensible program. This program en-cashed on the downfall of a successful man making him a laughing stock. The success achieved by this liquor baron was materialistic and not spiritual. In contrast the success achieved by Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekanand etc is real success because they are based on upliftment of human values which can never be diluted and cannot become a target of this myopic generation. That for me is real success.

By blogger Jags