Monday, November 19, 2012

Sun Rises ...... But has different moods.... !!!!

As I rise the first thing I do is look at the wall clock which is screaming to me that it is still 0318 hrs.  I walk across my room still  half asleep to open the windows.  The warm sea breeze takes over the confines of my air-conditioned room-and brings with it the natural aroma of the fresh air.  I realize that  whatever man made comforts we may buy but all this cannot be compared to what nature gives us in abundance.  I stand  in awe staring at the  emptiness of this early morning darkness simultaneously realizsng the power of silence.

There is a very thin line which divides the morning from the nights.....  it is a very subjective though..... when ever we sleep the time preceding is referred to as the night and the time post sleeping is referred to as the day.    As my mind starts comparing the virtues of the night with day ...... I realize that the night comes in slowly .......whispering sweet nothings and raises the testosterone levels while the day starts with a celebration ... a celebration of colors... a celebration called life....... which I am witnessing and sharing through this picture blog.

Let us all celebrate that we are alive and witnessing this celestial celebration every morning... what else can we ask of life... love you all life king size.

 by blogger jags


  1. Dear
    this brings my memories back of BALSAD, where I used to be all alone in a deserted country side hotel A/C room & spend almost 2 months in hot summer... in a very pieceful green patch ... where the down use to be always like you described .. & thanks for sharing "nothings and raises the testosterone levels while the day starts with a celebration' bravo ... TOO BOLD..
    keep it up buddy ... life starts after 40 .. v.true.

  2. Jagdish Sir,

    "Whatever man made comforts we may buy but all this cannot be compared to what nature gives us in abundance."

    beautiful truth,nice... and accurate observation.