Sunday, October 28, 2012



As he sees the blurred grey morning sky ……..through his  eyes which have been forced to realize that nothing in life is predictable.  This has put them in sleepless mode all through day & night....... they have all but slept a wink through the thoughts……all the while thinkinghow is it possible to leave the one he loved so much so….. far behind. 

Introspection gets the better of him. …. And he is forced to think……. “Even though we all are born on this planet which is governed by the supernatural powers but mere mortals that we all are…. we have divided this beautiful planet into separate countries and need pseudo regulations to form the second layer of rules and laws which decide fate.

Love by its own definition is seamless and knows no bounds………. Which sometimes also gets trapped in the rigmarole of this man made constraints.  It was very obvious that the feelings which he was experiencing right now ….. As he looked up to the sky groping for answers…….which were no more there….Only the fragmented feeling that he was…. He is…… and he will be ……. is keeping him  going on……& on.  He knows that acceptance of given situation and time will ultimately bring peace to his mortal being.

But all this thought process which has time and again given him peace fails to convince him as the beautiful feeling of gratitude also tries and fails.  The sea of emotion with in his being has taken the form of tsunami and he is out of control; as he look into the eyes of his love which …..are so soft and assuring compared to the storm which has risen up within his being.

He tries to speak but the tsunami of emotions get the better of him... through his narrow eyes which are red and burning.  The tears flowing shamelessly through those eyes are totally oblivious to his status that he was a man ….  And should not cry……but the more he tries to stop this rush of emotions……. the bigger the surge……… which he has never experienced before……. Finally he lets himself flow with these emotions which are a result of the love he has for the one and only one in his life ….. As he is still trying to come to terms with these nude emotions ……..he feels the tender lips of his love which are devoid of any stimulus of the testosterone…….

 He feels the warmth in the hug of those beautiful bare arms as he rests his head on the soft chest of his love …….. who is still holding on to her man  …… a man  who has never felt this way……. Never ever known this kind of power……. Never ever known the contrasting tenderness…never known that he had been complaining instead of accepting that life had to go on…. Never known that love is all about giving and not holding on to it…

He is  made to realize that love cannot be bound or diluted by any of man-made regulation…… love cannot be apprehensive …… love cannot die as a result of separation or distance. All this he is made to realize in a very sublime way….. He raises his head still taking in the sweet body aroma of his love and watches the sunslowly come out of those dark clouds…. He can see that nothing can hold back those beautiful shafts of rays which are tearing through the grey cloudy sky…. 

Infact as he keeps looking at the combination he can see from a perspective that the whole picture looks so beautiful infact the picture is more beautiful because of those grey streaks of clouds in combination with the golden orange sky……   He raises his arms in gratitude for the  one and only love.  He sees his lady love who has an aura of bright halo light which signifies peace….. and he  whispers loud enough for his lady love to hear and smile……….

Thank you dear oh dear for making me see love in a different light …… and it is only because of this that I love you so much unconditionally!!!!!

 By Jags…. Forever yours


  1. Good work... Keep writing from your heart :)

  2. Thanks NAB, thanks for reading ...


  3. The comment I am copy pasting below is a personal message given to me by one of my senior most friends who happens to be an accomplished writer, oratar and also has a very fertile and a creative minds.... who dares to think independently. This is what he has to tell me about my write up. Thank you sir for giving your opinion.
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    to me
    Day by day your writing is attaining a higher orbit . It speaks by itself as to how platonic it is . But then this is one part of human the human mind which has so many dimensions and when others start playing, things get transformed in to totally different format . The real spirit lies in rising above this situation . This journey is a bit difficult but mentally enjoyable and you have all the abilities to reach there . I enjoyed your writing
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