Saturday, June 23, 2012

Those beautiful eyes….

June 23, 2012

I am writing this some 35000 feet above the sea level, in-fact I am flying right now above the emerald green Arabian sea.  The adjective used by me to describe the sea here is inspired by how beautifully some of writers do it. 

I have been attempting to write for some time now but the will, inspiration and inclination to write has been lacking in me ,,, don’t know why….. some times I find my self at the end of my wits to answer this question to myself.

The very fact that I am on my way to a very beautiful place called Bangkok which of course needs no introduction and is considered to be one of the best tourist destinations.  This trip has inspired mel to write again after a long hiatus. 

Though my creativity has found another good outlet i.e  photography, but there is a lot of difference in photography and writing……..because in photography the results are there for everyone to see instantly ……..especially in this digital era….. but for me…….. in writing we have to build on from scratch and it is a divine process….. it forces us to introspect and when we  introspect we find a lot of beautiful thoughts and hidden treasures within our self. 

Writing is a process of being with our thoughts seeing them come and go.  Now when we see our thoughts from a perspective point of view we tend to pick up only the positive thoughts and let go the ones causing anxiety, tension fear….. apprehension…… because where there are creative thoughts there can be no room for negative thoughts.

Now coming back to the subject and having realised the reason for the vacuum I  am experiencing within my self I need to write …… write about those beautiful eyes which has inspired this write up.

Date: 10th April 2012.
Place: Salalah Airport
Destination: Travelling to Muscat for onwards journey to Kuwait.

Now I hope you don't want the flight number as well….. jokes apart.

I had just checked in after going through the security and pre-boarding formalities….. the boarding lounge was buzzing with so many people in rush to utilise the approaching weekend which happens to be on a Friday in the GCC countries. 

It is a very different culture here though….. we find that many of the local people and especially the younger generation have adapted to the modern ways of communication.  You will invariably find most of these young Turks flaunting a Samsung Galaxy/ Ipad / iphone etc.  They have adapted to the modern ways because they have the money power to do it.  This  can also be done with a click of mouse.….but all said and done …….still there is that ….. I cant call it the “orthodox” element  but I can definitely say it is the respect for their traditional values…… that even the younger generation has not been influenced by the western culture as far as dressing is concerned….. but elsewhere….. I mean all over the world it seems that the sense of dressing has followed the western trend except  for the Arabic world and I really appreciate that. 

It is by virtue of this fact the whole airport seemed to have the same dress code It was only the expats in all colours which gave a sense of discontinuity to a population  which looked more like the chess board chequered in white and black. 

The way things unfolded that day is still etched in my memory …… it so happened that as I was travelling to Kuwait.  I had exchanged all my local currency to Kuwati Dinars……… I had checked  in a bit early that day which is generally not the case….but the waiting resulted in a urge to have coffee; I went to the small but significant coffee shop and asked for a regular coffee and as I dug into my pocket to get the currency which was definitely alien to me but as I handed over the cash to the coffee vendor..... he too realised that I was handing over a currency  which was also alien to him in Oman and hence not acceptable to him .

But alas by then I had already started sipping the coffee and though the coffee vendor was a fellow country man he would not relieve me of my responsibility to pay for the coffee.  He would not allow me to drink the further coffee unless I paid him in the local Omani currency which I did not have. In the circumstances I was forced to tell him that he had no other choice but to accept the Kuwaiti currency or take the coffee back.

The whole conversation had begun to build up into a small but unhealthy argument which had all the ingredients to explode and go out of control. 

But the need of the moment was some divine intervention which came in the form of this petite beautiful creature all clad in black.  I was initially denied the look of this beautiful being, this was because of the fact that she belonged to a country which believed in a traditional ways  and more than that it had also imbibed in her a sense to help a stranger who was on the brink of getting into trouble with a coffee vendor (who ironically was also a fellow country man). 

She just handed over  the local currency note to the fuming coffee vendor and told him something in a local language.  She collected the change along-with a sandwich and coolly walked away…….. the moment she had gone  I did not understand why the coffee vendor’s  behaviour towards me changed… he was all smiles as he gave me some news. 

He told me your bill had been paid by that lady.  I asked the coffee vendor in a irritated tone why the hell  had he accepted money from that unknown women…and too on my behalf..

He told me with a mischievous look in his eyes….. anyway you did not have the local currency to pay me…. so I quietly accepted the money….. at least my problem is sorted out…. now you can also go and thank her or return her the money… don’t worry he said winking at me “she is alone”.

I felt a burden on myself and as I set upon the task of looking for her……. it was not difficult though…. I had thought that it would be the other way around.  

From a distance I recognized her just by looking at her even from the back….. though she was a little under weight considering the way the other women looked here but for me even though she was covered head to toe she was a very beautiful women.

As my thoughts kept me busy I did not realise I had already reached her table …. I did not realize I had excused  myself…….. she intently looked at me as if she knew I was coming….. and of course she would know because she was sitting on a table facing a mirror and her back was towards me……. Her big round eyes with the long eyelashes were beautiful….. as i kept dealing with myself on how I should pay her back …….but I was too over awed by the beauty which was making it self felt from even the small openings near the pair of eyes..... in the traditional burqa …..they were her window and contact with the outside world. 

Maybe she realised I wanted to see her ….. she lifted her veil and  looked a me in the mirror with a face as fresh as the morning dew ……… with eyes that were beautiful yet a little subdued by the beauty surrounding them in the form of the …..ever so delicate nose bridge….., the beautiful high cheek bones and lips which were slightly thick betraying the genes which had defined their shape…… yet so beautiful and rosy.

I did not know when she brought her veil down but I could comprehend that she was telling me something in a voice which bordered more towards being husky than normal.  …. I realised she was telling me her name in perfect English….. and wanted to know mine…. but realising I might ask her something very foolish…… as I was awe struck….. I hurriedly asked her how much I had to pay her …… she told me some thing which I cannot forget….. it still rings in my ears …..“If you want to meet me again…. let the money be… you will ultimately meet me”…..with these words she just got up and walked away……. walked away never to be seen again……..

For me she is a very pleasant memory to think about …..and feel good that there many people out there who are beautiful because they help others when it matters…. even through constraints!!

By blogger Jags