Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lust and creativity

I have always wondered and some times deeply over this subject……i.e why is it that people over a given cross section of society do not possess the virtue of being creative.  Is it that creativity is patented by a few with special skills??

Let us understand what is creativity….. creativity is bringing some thing new into this world by virtue of new ideas and expression of one’s own thinking.  Creativity can take many forms like painting, sculpting, writing, acting, composing, singing and there is no limit to how a human can express himself. 

However what I have mentioned above is common knowledge and goes without saying ….… but look at it minutely can we give creative expression to any negative emotions harboured by us.  In fact whenever we are angry, jealous or depressed can we really express our self creatively??…… At the least if I ask myself this question I would definitely answer this in the negative.

To put it in a proper perspective creativity is an expression of submission to the almighty.  If I were to address the question I asked at the beginning of this write up(why is it that people over a given cross section of society do not possess the virtue of being creative) .  My justification would be as follows. 

For me every human being born on this beautiful planet earth has a creative side….. but it is a matter of acknowledging and identifying it.  But creativity cannot coexist with lust…… either you can be creative or be a victim of lust….. lust for money, power or sex etc. 

It is up-to us what our priorities are; we may choose to be creative and be happy with fulfilled lives or we may fall prey to the wants of lust which can give us only unhappiness and lack of satisfaction.

On a concluding note creativity is to give …. give a part of your soul so that it gives happiness to others and lust is asking for something which is unfair, this leads to unhappiness and frustration ……

So I would like to state as follows “Be a follower of creativity and attain eternity”…. or “be a victim of lust and bite the dust”.

By blogger:  Jags


  1. one can be creative in any field, its just a way putting your idea, using limited resources and supplies and solving the problem, when others have lost hope. It is also called out of box thinking.

    Subhash Chandra