Monday, May 28, 2012

Blame it on testosterone......

I am in the process of reading a very interesting article, I stumble upon a story within this article being narrated by the writer. I stop reading…… as some thing dynamic is churning up thoughts within me. I am wondering whether these thoughts will afterall be lost somewhere as time goes by… I am generally not apprehensive about death but I always wonder…….. how do these thoughts come and go in a matter of seconds …. where do they originate and where do they end… or do they really have an end like this mortal body. Where do all the feelings we experience…… go after we die…… All this seems so abstract …..these kind of thoughts may project me as a crazy guy…… and that too by people who live life within itself and give in to the small struggles faced by them in their day to day life….. Now you may wonder…. what in the story could have triggered such thoughts … I continue writing so that you may continue reading.

I will give a gist of the story in brief in my own words and not in words of this good writer. “There once was a king whose daughter had been ailing for quiet some time and could not be cured. He called many doctors who could not diagnose what was wrong with this young beautiful princess. One fine day a holy sage came and told the king that he could cure his daughter provided the king arranged to get a special herb from a nearby secret lake. The King declared that he could easily arrange this herb but the wise sage warned that it is not as easy as it sounded. But the proud king was too over confident and told the wise sage that he would arrange it come what may. The kings brave men went and came but all had failed in bringing the herb in time to save the princess….. the reason they had failed was obvious ….. all these brave men got attracted to the number of precious stones they found in the lake which made them lose their focus of finding the most powerful herb which could have cured the princess.

As I finish reading this write-up I too lose focus on the topic and the justification the intelligent writer was giving through this simple story. I am forced to think on an analogical topic and can be summarised very rightly in my words as follows. 

“Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”. This I write with respect to the fairer side (Women) of human beings…… we are forced to think of the outer beauty ignoring their intelligence and caring side. The vision is overshadowed by lust. Let us all acknowledge the beautiful women out there for the right reasons and blame the testosterone for our folly.

As I conclude this write up I am really not worried about the thoughts which I have put forth to you because they are in print and there to stay. They have taken a form of my blog and are not abstract….. so worry is some thing I have kept at bay because they too are abstract but need not take a form.

By Blogger : Jags

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