Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nothing is impossible!!

I am sure this is a statement most of us must have heard a hundred times before, we all carry forward this statement without much of a thought. I really don’t know how many of us really believe it.

I think people respect the positivity associated with this statement,. Do we really think and believe that “nothing is impossible”?? My analysis of this statement is that most of us would not believe this statement even when they state it to a person who is in some kind of difficulty.

The problem is that when ever we want to do something difficult we resort to the use of the above magical set of words “ Nothing is impossible”and that too in a tone which is most casual., moreover this sentence sometimes forces a sheepish smile on our face.

This kind of body language displays our misplaced attitude because there is no synergy in our thoughts and action. All the above facts and views which I have mentioned above bear a testimony to the fact that maybe our forefathers and parents were wrong when they imbibed in us values such as “we should never give up till we have achieved our goals”.

I have also been going through the turmoil of having sometimes to direct my belief to disbelief. In my weak moments I conclude that whatever the older generation did and said was out-dated and not practical. The situation and the mind-set is paradoxical because of the very meaning of the statement ”nothing is impossible” which is so strong but the mind-set and the belief in this statement is hallow and weak. 

However as I reflect on all the positive things that have happened in my life; I am forced to dwell on some developments that seemed impossible then…. have now become possible. This despite all the difficulties and challenges being faced by me.  As I sit half asleep reflecting on all the positive developments that have happened in the past few days, I am forced to give fuel to the thought that may be the preceding sentence “nothing is impossible “ is really true… however even in my sleep I have woken up with this realisation that there is one more element which is amiss………. Yes got it!!….. there is only one thing in this world which can make this happen.

The missing element is self belief….. yes…. it is backing your self to the hilt!! It is all about knowing and thinking that you can do it but it is also important to have a picture of the target you have to achieve. If this picture is clear then you know it is a possibility…. I mean when we don’t have a clear target with constraints and all that is practicable….. we cannot gauge how to plan it and decide on the path to be taken while achieving our goals and targets. It is simply like going out of your house for a pre-decided destination. Now when you don’t have destination in mind then which way do we go.

So the gist of the statement that “nothing is impossible” is that it should be backed up by two important elements i.e self belief and clear targets……. if these are in place then we will definitely not state the above sentence casually and with a sheepish smile….

By blogger: Jags.


  1. You are right Jaggu, nothing is impossible, ite may be difficult and may try all your patience, but if you do not give up, then one day you can make it possible.

    But not everyone have such die hard attitude nad patience and many do not want to even try, becaus ethey want easier way out, a shortcut, and some may not be interested, they may be cointented with what they have.

    Hindi mei..............dridh sankalp, sachchi iksha aur nirantar prayas se kis bhi asambhav karya ko sambhav banaya ja sakta hai. Par kuchh log jaise hain wais emei hi khush rahte hain.


  2. nothing is impossible is a very generic term and should be rephrased must happen,it will happen,and I will make it happen..This phrase is much easier to understand absorb and believe in hence it makes one work towards achieving it...

    1. :-) but it is already named but do you agree to my point of view???


  3. U must have a clear vision of the finish line, otherwise u will never leave the starting blocks ..