Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beauty…… the way of life!!

As I sit in front of the gulf sea, realisation starts creeping in …… churning and knocking the thought process awake. I had put these  on a back burner for awhile now.  I have seldom participated in the thought process which I am forced to do now as I look at the magnanimous sea which is so blue reflecting the beautiful sky .  The side effects it has on me also gives a calming effect to my senses. 

The gentle breeze blowing across this wonderful city of Salalah had caught my attention the moment I disembarked the aircraft.  It was slowly caressing my senses simultaneously making me realise that it is equally powerful……..a la sea and is omnipresent.  This fact is also acknowledged by the coconut trees whose large typical  leaves sway in acknowledgement reflecting the evening sunlight which is incident on the coconut leaves at an obtuse angle notionally giving an effect that there may be precious stones like diamonds on the leaves.  I am totally in love with this small city which is inspiring so many emotions in me. 

The view of so many beautiful people more significantly the beautiful women in swimsuits enjoying the sea adds to the whole setup.  I mean everything about women cannot be viewed in a erotic way but beauty is beauty.  I am amazed that a beautiful set up can make everything so beautiful  and divine.  

For me this small beautiful town is in transitional mode what with its infrastructure being upgraded to make it a city.  I am really worried for a fraction of second if I am going to be a part of a development which is going to take over the natural beauty and replace it with a concrete jungle.  But for now these apprehensions can wait…… as I am brought back to the beautiful present listening to the continuous banter  of the caretaker of this sea facing resort who was telling me the timings of the dinner, lunch and breakfast……… which seemed more for his convenience than mine….. probably because he did not want to be disturbed at odd hours.
In my opinion Salalah is easily one of the most beautiful ports among the GCC countries…… as I think further ….. I realise there is more to life than just target and goals……. which have overwhelmed me and in my pursuit of achieving them may be I have lost the perspective of life. The awareness that I was…. I am …. I will be …….has been lost over some thing which I cannot call materialistic but a will to prove something to myself. 

The burning desire to do some thing meaningful has overshadowed my awareness without realising that…….. may be….. I was losing on the precious moments of life……. that  may be I was slowly losing it ….. but nature has a way of correcting things in its own way…. Sometimes enforcing a tsunami… earthquake…..and bringing back every thing to basics but in my case nature has chosen a beautiful and a subtle way…. Thank you god for bringing me to heaven even before  I die…..

By blogger:  Jags

Friday, March 9, 2012

My Good Old Friend.....

The write up  I am penning down tonight is a result of  criticism  by my senior friend…… though I call him a friend…. If I were to really think of the age difference between us it would be substantial.  However this age difference has not diluted my friendship with him. 

I was discussing with him a write up I had written; as I usually do but this was after a long gap of time.  The topic posted that morning was also very close to my heart and I would have liked to think that  it was an inspirational write up. 

I had been receiving positive feedback all through the morning for the write up I had shared on the wall of a social networking site.  I had also mailed a copy of the write-up to this senior friend of mine He has always been a avid reader of my blogs and I have seldom received any kind of adverse remarks pertaining to my write ups.

This evening when I met him at a get-together… he came upto me with a glass of whisky in his hand and told me point blank “ your writing has stagnated and you don't seem to have any  inspiration  left”.  All the write ups written by you seem to be similar ….. the language it seems is also predictable and there is nothing new in whatever you are writing…… I did not know where to look ?  The whisky he had consumed was doing its job and what he was blurting out was nothing short of his frank opinion which really mattered to me.

Though his straight talk had made me sit up and think, I was a wee bit embarrassed by his forth right criticism of my writing which I thought, in his opinion had stagnated to such an extent that I felt it might be stinking as well.  Just as I was gathering myself up...... my ego had taken a beating and I was filled with the thought that corrective action had to be taken……  I had cut off eye contact with my good friend and pretended I was fine.  

I had slowly slipped away into the queue for the buffet dinner without waiting for my senior friend who has a virtue of always being very diplomatic and  intelligent but very true to me and others as well.  I realised  that one peg too much had brought out a blunt, brash and nasty side of my friend to the fore….. though the others who were present would have thought otherwise.  I felt liking hiding away from my good friend and I was on the look out for an appropriate place to hide……. though hiding under one of the tables also did not seem a bad option.  Even before I could locate a place to hide I found my good friend standing behind me and breathing down my neck.  

I started wondering, had my writing deteriorated so much that my good old friend had decided to take the task  of physically punishing me so that he could possibly drill some creativity into me or rather this shaking me up could bring out the creativity which was lying at the bottom of my being  like stale bread in a dustbin. 

The only defence I presumed I had was the plate which was sparsely filled….. not because I was dieting but because I had lost my appetite in the process of digesting the words which were cutting through my ego like a sharp knife cutting through the longitudinal fibre of a cucumber.  

My good old friend was standing at close quarters and in a slurred voice told me ….. you are trying to be too hard to be politically right…and in the process you are losing the beauty of  writing a language you know so well ….. all because you want to play to your audience (though my views are in contradiction).

Try writing on some subjects which may throw more light on the other side of human emotions; maybe high light their negative side.  Give your views on topics which are current and burning issues.  Try writing some kind of fiction which also brings to the fore the other emotions and limitations of human beings and your take on it…… Your opinion matters…… it really does matter and with these words he left my table to have another glass of whisky….. 

I did not have any reason not to believe those cold  blood shot eyes which definitely brought warmth in my heart not because I was spared his physical  punishment but because I had been given a new direction …. My good old friend had shown me he expected more out of me because he knew I could do it!  

Before going home I went looking for him and found him having another round of drink with a new set of friends …. he convinced me or rather  himself that this one peg was for the road and looked at me for approval.  But I was on a different plane altogether and my thoughts were focused on the new topic…… “Age is just a number on the calendar” ? 

By Blogger Jags

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nothing is impossible!!

I am sure this is a statement most of us must have heard a hundred times before, we all carry forward this statement without much of a thought. I really don’t know how many of us really believe it.

I think people respect the positivity associated with this statement,. Do we really think and believe that “nothing is impossible”?? My analysis of this statement is that most of us would not believe this statement even when they state it to a person who is in some kind of difficulty.

The problem is that when ever we want to do something difficult we resort to the use of the above magical set of words “ Nothing is impossible”and that too in a tone which is most casual., moreover this sentence sometimes forces a sheepish smile on our face.

This kind of body language displays our misplaced attitude because there is no synergy in our thoughts and action. All the above facts and views which I have mentioned above bear a testimony to the fact that maybe our forefathers and parents were wrong when they imbibed in us values such as “we should never give up till we have achieved our goals”.

I have also been going through the turmoil of having sometimes to direct my belief to disbelief. In my weak moments I conclude that whatever the older generation did and said was out-dated and not practical. The situation and the mind-set is paradoxical because of the very meaning of the statement ”nothing is impossible” which is so strong but the mind-set and the belief in this statement is hallow and weak. 

However as I reflect on all the positive things that have happened in my life; I am forced to dwell on some developments that seemed impossible then…. have now become possible. This despite all the difficulties and challenges being faced by me.  As I sit half asleep reflecting on all the positive developments that have happened in the past few days, I am forced to give fuel to the thought that may be the preceding sentence “nothing is impossible “ is really true… however even in my sleep I have woken up with this realisation that there is one more element which is amiss………. Yes got it!!….. there is only one thing in this world which can make this happen.

The missing element is self belief….. yes…. it is backing your self to the hilt!! It is all about knowing and thinking that you can do it but it is also important to have a picture of the target you have to achieve. If this picture is clear then you know it is a possibility…. I mean when we don’t have a clear target with constraints and all that is practicable….. we cannot gauge how to plan it and decide on the path to be taken while achieving our goals and targets. It is simply like going out of your house for a pre-decided destination. Now when you don’t have destination in mind then which way do we go.

So the gist of the statement that “nothing is impossible” is that it should be backed up by two important elements i.e self belief and clear targets……. if these are in place then we will definitely not state the above sentence casually and with a sheepish smile….

By blogger: Jags.

Thursday, March 1, 2012



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