Saturday, February 25, 2012

Valentine’s day ….. or is it …..Love for sale??

The topic love is very close to my heart … but sadly I am a little put off when you have to wait for a particular day of a year to celebrate love.

The emotion called “love” is one of the best emotions which we experience.  It is such a emotion which   ensures that we rise above ourselves and selflessly care for the ones we love.
Now when I mention the word love it will be construed  by many that it is something connected to the erotica…… however it must be understood that though the feeling of lust is a function of the beautiful emotion love the vice -a- versa is definitely not true.  But the word love  is not only about love between two individuals of the opposite sex or these days it is also about relations within the same sex…..or It is all about defining love between two individuals where the testosterone levels do have a role to play.

Broadly speaking  It is actually about the simple feeling of bonding between two living beings where this kind of feeling is devoid of any conditions and selfish needs. Though the stimulus for  this kind of feeling may be a result of some kind materialistic help, or by virtue of blood relations or maybe some kind of similar action but the common factor  for sustaining love in all the above actions is  that all of them are unconditional and with no intention to gain.

Now   I could go on harping on this subject all day long but it is important to acknowledge the contribution of St Valentine who at his time did what he did to see that love was the winner under any circumstances.

Retrospectively speaking I doubt that during the currency of his life the revered St Valentine would have ever imagined that in future his contribution to love would draw so much attention……. so much so that love……. would one day be put for sale.

I am not against the idea of celebrating love and especially in the name of the great St Valentine who selflessly contributed to glorify love.  It is very ironical to state that the very emotion which is so unconditional and exposes the most wonderful facet of the humane side is being exploited for commercial purposes…..yes for me Valentine’s day is nothing but a commercial exercise to generate more money….. what with the special offers being given out by malls, restaurants…… commercial houses using this opportunity to boost up the sales……all this hue and cry about the approaching Valentine’s day and gifts for every pocket throws the sensitivity for the emotion  “love”out of the window.

For me love should be celebrated every moment of our life.  Instead of getting our priorities wrong we should understand that love is the emotion which should be the driving force for living our life….instead of monetary considerations.  Yes money is a must but not an end in itself…money should be looked upon as a sustaining element for supporting life and thereby love.  But ultimately what happens is that the buying power of money glitters so much that the steady light and warmth of love pale in comparison. 

But love wins at all costs whether you have a “Valentine’s Day” once a year or every day of the year…… No one can buy love …. even if it is put up for sale!!!

By blogger: jags


  1. nice post....Yeah I agree with you...For me every single day is a valentine day

  2. Hi

    Nice post...Val-D is actually the Highest-Sales-Day for Florists and Greeting Card Sellers....

  3. Actually I believe that Valentine's day is actually a marketing ploy created by Hallmark to create a market for and sell cards and merchandise. Similarly Father's day, Mother's day are all different marketing vehicles created by card companies......