Sunday, January 8, 2012

The truth……..

The topic I have taken up today is so relevant! Truth was and will remain relevant because truth is truth!!! Its is a word which summarizes it all. It is the basis of the very existence. It is the basis on which the whole world moves.

It is like the sun which gives sunshine, the air we breathe and the water we drink….. truth is the fodder and the sustaining element for our soul”.

Every thing in this world revolves around this magical word. It is such a word which represents the difference between the “good from the bad” the “beautiful from the ugly”, the “scrupulous from the unscrupulous”, the “fair from the unfair””, the corrupt from the non corrupt”, “love from lust”, the “trusted” from the “cannot be trusted”…….. this list of contradictions can be too long for me to enumerate. But what I have done here is expose only the tip of the iceberg and this brings home a fact that truth represents the good.

Then why is it that people hesitate to follow the path of the truth? This may have to do something with the path taken while following the truth which is  painstakingly long and requires one to be brave enough while facing or speaking the truth. It is easier to follow the path of least resistance in the garb of being politically right.

This is the path taken by this generation because no one has time for a conflict and some times we compromise on values for arriving at what we call a win – win situation where monetary consideration is the only criteria.  But every decision cannot be based on monetary considerations. It gives out wrong signals to the upcoming generations and also waters down contributions and sacrifices made by great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi.  He had the courage to experiment with truth and call a spade “a spade”.  Resorting to the above mentioned win-win solutions  is like constructing a building with a weak foundation which will eventually fall as they do not address the facts.

Though I am not very active on social networking sites but sometimes the status on the wall of some intelligent friends can set the ball rolling…. like it happened a few days ago. The status read as follows “There are three sides to a fact i.e my point of view, your point of view …… and the third is the actual fact. This statement really makes me wonder and arrive at a conclusion that though the perception of the fact may be subjective and the truth may be interpreted differently……however the actual fact or the truth remains unaltered or unchanged; nothing in the world can change the truth.  So how do we analyze the truth???

Since the point of views can be subjective and sometimes lead to conflict.  The intentions behind any actions will definitely play an important role while arriving at the truth…… Yes intention is key!! and this can resolve many problems while pursuing the truth especially when people differ in point of views.

I am abruptly forced to stop this write up as I have to attend work and discharge my responsibilities as these take precedence over the topic of discussion. Hope I am not compromising on values because of the impending  work and responsibility.  It is only a write up I have cut short!!!  Smile.


  1. Well said......there is actually three sides of a fact and everyone wants to stick to his position of viewing that fact from his angle. Whereas we need to go into root and deep to understand the real fact.

    Par time kahan hai itna aaj logon ke paas. Following path of truth is full of pain and no one wants to bear that pain. Everyone wants easy life, does not matter if they have to compromise with their soul.

  2. Thanks dude.... interestingly this blog has not attracted much readership. This is the irony of the situation... :-)

  3. Hey... that is an amazing incomplete write-up..! waiting for the complete version.. irony is people find good/truth boring..