Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sports …… is it really a sport today!!

The very activity “sports” is such that it can bring joy to millions of people all around the world.  It is a activity which is synonymous with youth, good health and recognition.  It is a measure physical and mental strength!!
These days it is also connected in a big way to fame and vulgar amount of wealth.  It has reached such a stage that sport has no more remained a sport like in the good old days.  However it is very easy to cast aspirations on the way things are being done by others today.
Maybe I subscribe to the old school of thoughts that a sport has to remain a sport and not that the player ends up becoming a pawn in the hands of the few who control administration and have the money power; at the same time the player also has to live up-to the expectation of the millions of fans  who treat them like god and in the same breath dump them in case they fail to perform.  This is not a healthy sign as it gives wrong signals to the new generation.
This write-up is written by me solely with the new generation in mind.  Any kind of sport should be played with the spirit of sportsmanship.  In-fact it should imbibe this  spirit in the younger generation.  As I keep writing I am forced to reflect on the current scenario and think about the adverse effect it has on this generation.  The writing is on the wall “Win at all costs” is the motto and the others with skewed priorities go a step further and resort to fixing and the driving factor is of-course money.
Do you think the above can be called sports?  For me it is a big “No”.  I feel we can draw an analogy between sports and the life we lead.  I think this can be better justified by the up’s and downs we face in life which is analogous to win or defeat.  In both cases a man learns to accept win or defeat graciously.  I think what better platform can we provide our children to train them to face the challenges that life throws at us at every nook and corner.  It should be understood that sports highlights the importance of being physically and mentally fit.  It also helps to understand that in event of victory we have to keep our heads on our shoulders to avoid being complacent and that nothing can be taken as granted.
This is something we all should understand and highlight to our future generation so that they are seasoned to face the challenges in sports and the bigger game called life…… Lets all ensure that our future generation comes out in flying colours.
By blogger: Jags

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  1. Sports is part of human being from generation to generation, the classic example is the Grasse. Fortunately few ancient sports still exist and with time to time new sports also developed. The process was slow, but was definite. That was past but today money in the sport making lot of difference. We hardly hear about sportsmen spirit now days! Nobody wants to lose the game!! That is why younger generations aspect towards the sport is changed....