Sunday, January 1, 2012

Food for thought……..“Love”!!

I have always wondered why the word “love” has different perceptions and triggers different thinking patterns from person to person. Actually I am not very convinced with the way I have commenced this blog.

I would have rather let me first take a broader perspective on the topic “Love”and only then I think I would be able to do justice to a topic which intrigues my mind and sets it off in an analytical mode every time I think about it. It is not that I have not written on this topic before i.e “love”.………“love”??? Please click on the following link to go to the blog written by me in the past.

I continue my write-up on the subject totally oblivious to the fact that the old man “year 2011” has just passed away and the “new year 2012” has just taken birth, I realise that I have moved a notch ahead in this century only after I hear the celebrations that has a total genre of people waiting for the clock to strike 12.00 which indicates that the new year has just arrived…. nothing really changes but there is a reason to celebrate & so be it.

As I start reflecting and trying to relate to the content I want to put forth to my readers… I would like to emphasise here that a close bond between two individuals can co-exist by virtue of blood relations, plain unconditional love, physical attraction or there can be many unconditional reasons for such a beautiful bond to exist. While there is no specific reason for such beautiful unconditional emotions to come into existence…. it must be understood that these feeling cut across many barriers and still coexist defying reasonable logic. However like it or not they do co-exist!!!

It must be understood that while these unconditional emotions fail to take cognisance of the norms set by society, they do exist……. the only fact to be noted though would be…… whether an individual acts upon such feelings……

There are two sides to this kind of situation. It brings to the fore two very important aspects about dealing with a situation like this.
  1. It is human nature to love and to be loved irrespective of given a situation, existing relations, time, place, caste and creed. This may land a person in a situation where this nature of his does not align with the constraints and limitations set by society.
  2. The other aspect is that because of the nature of this emotion called “love” which is unconditional and knows no boundaries …….. an individual must exercise restraint specially while responding to his basic nature i.e to love.
I would like to highlight here that if the above points are understood and seen in the proper perspective then a lot of relations which are strained can be saved.

Before I conclude I would like to add a note of caution that………….. this understanding of the inherent nature of “love”….. must not be used as a weapon but as a tool to improve interpersonal relations.

On this first day of the year 2012, I wish all my readers a happy love life..... with a better perspective!!!

By Blogger: Jags