Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Smile So Beautiful……!!!


The reason for writing this blog is as important as much as it is necessary for me to write tonight because I am a compulsive writer. Saturdays are the nights, I write because it is that day of the week I wait for, the reason being on Saturdays, I have the luxury of indulging myself in writing even at the cost of sitting back a bit late, obviously the next day being a Sunday I can write late into the night and also have the luxury of grabbing an extra wink the next morning.

But tomorrow is going to be different because I will be leaving early morning to the now very “familiar” site the “Madbhone village which is located on a small picturesque hillock……….before I get into the skin of the writer. I must tell you why I am deliberately using the word “familiar” in this context……. does it give my readers an  essence of my being there all too often??……yes it has been that way for the past couple of weeks….in-fact I have been there for  about  three times and that too at break of dawn.   I have been working for so many years in a committed way and with enthusiasm which has not diminished over the years.  In the same way I have noticed the senior Rotarians with whom I have been fortunate enough to work also do the same with zeal and enthusiasm but the reasons are different. 

I have been working for myself and achieving my own goals but these people are working selflessly for the unfortunate villagers by adopting the Madbhone village for providing basic amenities under the structured programs of Rotary International.  I wonder what keeps these guys ticking?

Initially  the thought process was it could be the motivation to get acknowledged but what struck me on one of my visits to the village which is located in the lap of the beautiful Sahyadri ranges changed my thought process. The theme in which the village is located is in transition mode changing from the green to golden brown as nature is playing its part with no holds on its schedule………. always on time every time!

The drive on the dusty hilly road which was challenging the suspensions of the new SUV not withstanding; the village  had to be reached but the majestic sight of the Karnala fort in the backdrop nevertheless compensated for all  the efforts one had to put to reach this beautiful village.

We come across a bunch of villagers who looked like they had come from a different era altogether by virtue of the  clothes they wore and the unseen fact being the kind of life they led.  Senior Rotarian Gadre asked me to stop the SUV which I did reluctantly.  I had doubled up as a driver in absence of our other Rotarian’s driver and the temptation to drive on the hilly terrain also notwithstanding .  I would rather have not stopped till I had reached the pump installation site.  But I could not ignore Rtn Gadre’s instructions and I stopped the SUV right in the middle of the narrow road.

Rtn Gadre opened the window of the SUV and let the fresh morning air into the confines of the air-conditioned vehicle.  The leader of the group appeared in front of the window, it was like watching a  person on a high definition screen. His face reflected the kind of life he had weathered.  The wrinkles on his face looked as if they were sculpted deep and sharp.  He looked like statue from the age old era.  Rtn Gadre asked this statue like face in the local language whether he was aware about the medical camp our Rotary Club Of Panvel had organised.  The statue like face nodded in affirmation without changing his expression. 

The next question which Rtn Gadre asked was if the pumps installed were working fine.  On hearing this the statue like face broke into a most wonderful smile I have ever seen.  The happiness was because of gratitude that their women folk were spared the effort of drawing water from the well and was quite evident in his smile.  But this smile of his was contagious because all of us in the SUV were smiling and convinced that we had got our reward in the smile that was so beautiful,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I had ever seen Smile

Written by: Jagdish S Kolur

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  1. That was smile of satisfaction and happiness and it is contagious.

    Subhash Chandra