Sunday, November 20, 2011

On A Humid Night!!

The topic  I have taken up for writing today is based more on my experience rather than my belief.   I have never written on this kind of topic before because it may be construed to be an attempt at telling  some kind of  horror story or some thing that could create confusion in the mind of my readers.  However the write-up this Saturday night is based on  a true life experience . The understanding of this may not be in the ambit of the normal human mind or intelligence .

As we all know the human mind has its own limitations.  It is because of  the fact that it assumes that whatever is known and proven is only the truth.  In-fact there are thousands of avenues where the human mind has still to make in-roads but unfortunately the acceptance of this fact isn't one of the virtues possessed by us.   We perceive that   whatever is beyond our limited understanding is either super-natural, paranormal or in-fact may not be true if we fail to witness it. 

This kind of thinking or mind-set is there in all of us by default.  The resultant of such thinking is that it in-stills in us a  sense of fear.  However my view point is quiet clear. I think  whenever we come across such a situation we should first accept and believe in whatever  we have experienced, having done that we should also acknowledge the limitations of the human mind.  It is something which can be best explained by the fact that if we were  to talk of electricity or its utility some 200 years ago we would have ended up being a laughing stock. 

But now we cannot imagine life without electricity and it is there for all of us to see.  Now without giving further justification to what ever I am going to type with help of this wonderful software “courtesy Bill Gates and associates popularly known as MS word” (unforeseen and beyond human comprehension half a century ago)  I will start narrating whatever I experienced though I am a little apprehensive about its acceptance because its difficult   to believe it myself!

May 2005,  Panvel: 
I vividly remember the summer of 2005, it is the same year we experienced some of the worst floods all over Maharashtra.  It seems a long time ago but the memories of my experience is still fresh in mind……..

It was particularly a very humid day and all through I had been forced to be up on my feet to personally supervise a plant shutdown job which was on critical path  on the PERT/CPM charts.  This had forced all management eyes of this fertilizer giant to focus on this job on hand as it could affect the plant start-up schedule.  In my myopic mind-set it was all about completing the job ahead of schedule so that I could save on the resources which were being used on round the clock basis and eating away into the profit that was to be generated at the end of the job.  

It was one of those days in the Month of May where the humidity just shoots up indicating that monsoon is just round the corner.  I had been perspiring all through the day and was on the verge of dehydration.  I decided that I needed a well deserved rest in the solitude of my room that evening….. on reaching home, I  also had an early dinner but my plans of having rest in my room were disrupted because of electricity playing truant by virtue of load shedding.  I also realised that I was paradoxically living  in the rural parts of the fast developing Raigad district. The invertor worked efficiently for some time however it could not stand up to the expectation of the electricity board authorities who were still trying to put things in order.  Frustrated that I was sweating again  I decided that sleeping on the terrace of my house in the open was a better option.

I went on the terrace with my bedding, blanket and pillow.  I could hear my mom’s shrill but fading voice  in the background as I took the flight of stairs to the terrace…… she was shouting from the living room on the ground floor below…………..saying some thing like….. “its no moon day don’t go up and sleep”.  I have always held that my mom is too superstitious so I just shouted back to console her that I was just going up to get some fresh air and would be back in some time.

Relieved that I had just got over the last hurdle I chose the place where I would lie down for the first time on the terrace of my house.  The greenery which was visible during the day time looked grey against the backdrop of the dark sky.  The air was filled with the aroma of the light sea breeze which was laden with humidity and was coming in from the south west direction….The tree cover on the north end of the terrace looked eerie because of the various shapes of the silhouettes caused by the outline of trees. They kind of looked scary.

It was close to my sleeping time now; I just peeped through the open door of the terrace and I could not see any illumination in the rooms below so I decided that the decision to sleep on the terrace was final.  I knew I had a battle on hand against a swarm of mosquitos who were more than eager to feast on me by syphoning off my blood.  But this battle was better than the one against humidity.  Weighing the various pros and cons I finally spread the mattress at a suitable location and laid down to sleep against all odds. 

I was drifting in and out of my sleep when I was woken up by a rude nudge and before I could comprehend I was hearing whispers in a hissing tone in the local language.  He was telling me in between intermittent coughs to go away “go down and sleep” I heard his voice clearly after a distinct nudge again this time. I noted that his breath was stinking of tobacco smoked through a chilim (a rural smoking pipe stuffed with dry tobacco leaves).  I was wide awake now trying to find out who this intruder was, I could not see anyone I tried to come out of the blanket but felt that some one was sitting over it….. I could see only a transparent form just like a bubble looks but in the shape of a human form….. I could not imagine what I just experiencing.  I was a little scared and before i could ask the transparent form…. I again felt an old trembling hand caressing my hair with affection and asking me to go down and sleep.  I kept mumbling to myself “who are you”  he told me you know me very well but again told me in a firmer voice” go down” don’t you ever come up to sleep.

I was forced to think it was a dream but I was wide awake, even in the hot humid climate I could feel a chill run down my spine.  I simply came down to sleep as per the instruction of the opaque old man who had sent me down so affectionately.  I really did not feel scared but I still keep thinking whether all this really happened?
I have neither accepted nor have I thought of the various limitations of the human  mind…… because I guess…… I am too human to….. understand.

By Blogger:  Jagdish S Kolur  

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