Monday, November 28, 2011

My Most Embarrassing Moment!!

Add  Dr Shailesh Palekar  who is missing in this picture
These kind of moments are some thing most of us would want to avoid.  I bet all of us would wish they were spared the thought of being in this kind of situation.  I have been thinking for long for writing on this topic.  It would have surprised me if some of my readers have not been in a situation like this.  Infact even I have been at the taking end of such a situation and believe me it was bad!!

I would like to mention here that reasonable amount of time has passed since this incident, I have moved on and I would like to think that the others who were witness to my most embarrassing moment have also moved on

Retrospectively thinking it makes me wonder if the situation could have been handled in some other way or should I say a better way.  I continue to write despite the yawns which are doubling up as a speed breaker.  This hindrance is limited to only my typing which is picking up tempo but there is synergy in my thoughts as they continue to come without respite.  Before I continue any further I would like to first narrate the incident and only then in all probability my intelligent readers will also understand my plight.

I had just returned from a middle east gulf country after a lapse of almost 45 days.  I am generally not used to staying away from family and friends for too long.  So as soon as I returned I was on a mission to connect with friends trying to catch up on the lost time. 

This zeal to catch up with friends crystallised into an invitation to few of my close friends at an upscale local restaurant on the first weekend after my return.  Despite being highly qualified professionals and leaders in their respective fields, we enjoy a bond which is so informal and close.  We do not take offence even if we call each other by nick names and back slap each other irrespective of the age difference.

All of us being professionals have certain responsibilities to discharge. The meeting after lapse of such a long time could only happen over the weekend, intermittently though I briefly spoke to each one of them a couple of times.
The weekend finally arrived, I waited all day for evening to set-in and welcomed it with a sense of  excitement that was so genuine and child like.  I left office a wee bit early for the get together.   I reached the venue a good half an before the scheduled time but not before going home for quick shower and change of clothes to  casuals.  Even though I was a bit early I had zipped through the wet pot hole infested lanes of this town called Panvel; which is threatening to explode into a metropolis in the decade to come.
All my friends arrived but  not all of them on time as  they take the liberty of not being punctual at-least for this meeting and rightly so.  As the guys arrived one by one the evening started off by catching up with each other, discussing professional matters, attitude of people, work culture in other countries and ultimately  ended up in men’s talk with a guys pulling each other’s leg, backslapping and sharing some adult harmless jokes which we all knew could be shared only amongst close friends like us.

I  don’t clearly remember the menu or what we had for dinner that night.  It was clearly an overwhelming and humbling experience. I realised that human beings are so vulnerable we all have needs like …. need to share with friends, need  to be wanted and loved by family.  That’s what I was getting and experiencing at that moment.
The beautiful ambience of the restaurant also was no match to the rains that was drenching the evening giving the olfactory cells a reason to be relieved as every thing smelled so fresh.  The reluctant evening was also to end and that was being decided by the clock which was indicating that it was well past midnight and the weary waiters were hovering around our table which made it obvious with courtesy that it was time to pay and leave.

Todays get together was initiated by me and as soon as the bill was presented, I voluntarily took the bill to pay.  I reached out for my usual front right pocket of my trouser to get the cash out and realised it was not there not making much out of it  My hand automatically went for the wallet in the back pocket which was also was  not in place. I realised my folly….. I became desperate, I felt a number of emotions in a spur of a moment which cannot be explained. 

Even in the air-conditioned restaurant I broke into cold sweat.  It  was the most embarrassing moment.  Even in that moment of despair it dawned on me that before coming to the restaurant in my enthusiasm to meet my friends I had hurriedly taken a shower and changed my clothes.  I did not do the most important  thing required that night i.e transfer the contents of pants to the jeans I was wearing which had brought me to a situation where I wanted to run away and hide myself where no one could see me. 

Sensing the blunder committed by me and without saying a word I felt a friendly pat on my shoulder and I did not realise but I was relieved from the responsibility of paying the bill. I was too embarrassed to see who made the payment and make eye contact with any of them…… at the least offer an explanation to my friends who realised my mistake. 

We all went back home after exchanging pleasantries.  The evening had turned out to be better than I expected but I went back home with a burden which cannot be explained.  I know my friends would have not made much of it…..and would not misunderstand me.  But definitely it was the most embarrassing moment for me, which I think could have been avoided if I was forth right in admitting the mistake I had committed.  But the moment is gone and experienced ….. I do not want another embarrassing moment to set it right. Open-mouthed smile

Thank you guys for being there……. love you all <3 <3 !!

By Blogger :  Jags

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