Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Beautiful Night!!!

When we talk of night time…… like we do in a phrase,  we generally do it in a very negative  manner, since time immemorial night time has always been considered as a time of the evil spirits.  Why is that we consider night time as sinister, evil and represent it in a negative way.
I am forced to think on this aspect as I overhear someone talking animatedly on the phone trying to drive home a point.  I don't know what the topic of discussions could have been?  But one sentence I hear catches my attention………..  My thoughts are now being analysed after I hear a phrase in the local language that…. "my life is like a long dark never ending night" and the phrase concluded with some rhyming words.  I am forced to think that why are nights perceived in a negative manner.

As far as I am concerned there is nothing more beautiful than the silence of the night. Have we ever experienced it?  Everything is so calm and peaceful.  It is the time of hope because you know dawn is just round the corner.  Nights are the time when we slip away into a world which is devoid of insecurity, worries and all other negative emotions.   When we slip into the beautiful world of sleep we are actually disconnected with this world….. it is nature’s way of giving us an break from the routine mundane tasks, worries and the daily grind.  It is the time when we can actually slip away into the beautiful world of dreams. 

In this beautiful world though everything is complimentary it does not mean that the perspective has to be only in terms of “good and the bad”.  When I use the word complimentary, I mean that there can be other ways of seeing things  as well like “active and passive” or tense and relaxed. I am using the above complimentary terms in the context of day and night which are appropriate. Everything cannot be either good or bad. But such is the human tendency that we look at things for a short term gain and for personal benefits. We fail to see the larger picture…. we fail to see that nature has its own way of functioning. We are just another brick in the wall which has been constructed by nature. The other bricks represent the other modules of the eco-system which mother nature has to take care of.

Now coming back to the complimentary terms, the former part  “active or tense” refers to day and the latter part i.e “passive or relaxed” refers to the night. Now I will ask my readers what term would they actually choose? It could be anything because both the former and latter aspects both are necessary so that life should go on and there is positive development.

Now if you put the same question to me “day or night”.  Being a human I also perceive things to be either good or bad.  In this context my choice would be night….. because though day time is good …… night is better!!!……it is the time when every thing is so calm, quiet and beautiful…….I can write without any hindrance. 

So when any one uses the figure speech "simile" and compares themselves with the long never ending night….. in my view they are calm and beautiful like the wonderful night itself!!!

By Jagdish S Kolur


  1. My favorite time in 24 hrs is night. Pessimistic will see night as a dark side of a day, compare his bad patch of life with night and so on. But, as you said, night is beautiful and very vew has understood why it comes after every 12 hrs.

    The energy (physical), knowledge (mind)we spend through out the day, to make our living and to maintain our relations and communications, gets exhausted by the evening and then night gives you an oppurtunity to analyse your day's activities, rechagre yourself, plan corrective action and face new day with new energy, new thoughts and enthusiasm.

    Night is beautiful, one need a perfect pair of eyes to see it.

    Subhash Chandra

  2. Long time back i read Nights are mad and days are wise. But in wise days also wrong things happend. i like nights because the nights are cool nice and calm. i agree with your views and like the write ups by you