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This is a topic which is on my mind for a very long time but other topics have taken precedence over this issue.  I am always a little uncomfortable with the use of the word “issue” because it indicates that there is a problem on hand.  However in the context the use of this word is very appropriate and it will be very clear by the time i conclude this write-up. 

I have been struggling with my thoughts since last night but with so many thoughts on a topic coming in from all directions, I am really unable to consolidate them.  I take refuge in the cyber world i.e on facebook trying to hide away from all those thoughts coming in big numbers from all directions.  As I lose myself in the world of facebook I cannot ignore a very philosophical digital status on “my wall” written by class-mate Kavita who is in the U.S and has just uploaded a message from her smartphone. 
She lives in a place or you can call it in a time zone where she would still be enjoying day light;  whereas I am reading this message in real time some thousands of Kilometres away where the whole neighbourhood is asleep including my German shepherd while I am burning the night lamp away (not literally but I mean to say I am still awake late into the night)!!! 
In other circumstances I would have quickly checked the updates posted by my friends on facebook and in turn posted some comments on the pictures without much thought I would have also clicked on the thumbs up icon indicating that I liked the pictures. When other tasks on hand  became more pressing; without thinking twice i would have signed off not even having the courtesy to wish good bye to my friends who are online and chatting with me. 
I now ask my readers who are old enough to go back in time by say two decades and try to think of the terms mentioned above in italics and florescent green fonts.  What would these words have meant to you…… facebook…… writing on my wall….uploaded…… smartphone??  I bet all these terms would have not struck chord in your head, you would  have been left clueless……   but now these terms have become a part of our  daily lingo.   
The world has become a very small place to live in, everything gets done in real time with a click of the mouse.  Anything we think of!! we want  it instantly be it transfer of money, or sending a message across continents we can do it instantly.  People even expect that the food which we cook  should be instant but I am glad instead of calling it instant we call it fast food.  The communication  we have is also instant.  More than half the world owns a mobile and a you can catch a person any where !!! even if he is answering the call of nature.   When every thing is so instant then what  is the effect of this instant world on the psyche of this generation!!! 
It is really appreciable how man has stretched his imagination to such an extent that every thing can be done at the snap of a finger. As I  try to find out the effect of this development I realise that nature has its own way of working, it has a way of balancing out; for every good there is also a counter down side; it is like say two sides of a coin.  It is because of this we perceive that most of the things are available instantly, our tendency is to start taking things for granted. 
We want everything instantly including  success, money, love etc etc!!  ….   and for achieving all this instantly we tend to take the path of the least resistance, or the shortest possible route to success.  We must remember that when we use technology to do things instantly it has been tested , approved and ratified by law.  The same does not apply to some aspects where humans are concerned i.e you cannot get money, fame & success instantly. In the normal course of life we all have to do things needed to achieve the above; here I mean we have to put efforts sincerily, work hard ……… all the while keeping in mind that  we are being fair to others and also taking care that it is in the frame work of law. 
This kind of approach was followed by our parents and their forefathers. But now every thing is expected instantly no matter how it is  achieved.  The shortest possible path is chosen and no consideration is given to what is morally or ethically right.  It is a matter of only achieving success through any means the only consideration though would be that it has to be instant!! 
We ignore core values to achieve things instantly, we cannot compare ourselves with machines. We must remember we are only human……. human beings with emotions and there are other things in life which can give us immense satisfaction like doing things for others, most importantly understanding our self and asking our self this million dollar question, what is it that really gives us happiness? These are things we do not dwell upon because we cannot achieve them instantly. 
We fail to understand that we are humans and part of this wonderful system we call nature.  Having said this I would like to go a step further and draw your attention to the fact that being a part of this system we are bound to be dependent on nature for our day to day needs including the food that we consume, the air that we breathe, the water that we drink.  All these are basic needs of life. 
Everything in nature has a definite cycle, time and nothing is instant.  The flowers bloom at the right time every season in the same way as do the fruits; even in case of  humans for a child to be conceived and born it takes nine months,  All this show that in this world or in this natural system nothing is instant every thing has a time and place.  We must respect this fact keeping in mind the difference in human beings and technology. 
Before i conclude this write-up I am amazed at the irony of the situation i.e man has been responsible for the development of this advanced technology but it is only because of this very technology that an issue has also been created (which I have mentioned in the beginning of this write-up) and man has started resorting to shortcuts there by compromising on his values, morals and ethics and all this to achieve materialistic things instantly!!   Can we really call it development …….. ??????
Written by blogger : Jagdish

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