Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nothing to express……

This kind of feeling is something really special! You don’t get this kind of feeling ever so often. However after a very hectic day at work late this evening; I ponder over the topic I wish to write this weekend. This weekly indulgence especially on a Saturday night is really very special to me.

I try thinking of some topics on which I generally express my opinion without much as an effort. But today appears to be different; different because I am unable to do something which is so dear to me i.e writing. I further think that may be if I discuss this with my folks at home some thing may work out. I go to each one of them asking for a topic to write on……. As I proceed with the mission of getting a topic which would challenge my intellect, I discern that though all the topics suggested were plausible and worth giving a serious thought to; something really stopped me from dwelling over the topics which were good but not good enough to cause some turbulence in my thought process. I nod in pseudo agreement to the suggestions given to me but somewhere deep down inside me I am not really convinced about the topics they want me to write on.

As I am trying to prove the first law of Newton’s theory wrong; I mean the inertia which is holding me back from doing what I want to do……… I realise that it is my thought process which really does not want to express anything and wants to be in a particular state where there is nothing to express.

This state of mind exists when the mind is settling down in peace…… yes it is peace!!!!……peace that is preventing the mind from doing what I enjoy most.…….writing!! It also brings with it a realisation that the Newton’s first law holds good even in the case of the ever so abstract mind!!!!!

Good night!

Jagdish S Kolur

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