Sunday, September 25, 2011

Identity Crisis......

Ever so often as I pass through this metropolis I have been forced to think that the city of Mumbai is facing huge challenge in keeping itself free from the huge amount of garbage it generates, all the while challenging the Municipal authorities and pushing them to the edge.

We read a lot in the media about how irresponsible these authorities are but this is something which can be set right if we are really determined.

There is some thing more disturbing than just the garbage which is an eye sore but in the same breath I also admit it is only a physical phenomenon which can be eradicated.

However as I look at the 'n' number of banners which are displayed all over the city with local leaders wishing their political bosses for various reasons and using this platform to make a vulgar display of the gold they possess which have been acquired by unscrupulous means.

I am forced to wonder if they are the people who really represent the masses who are more often than not below the poverty line.

But as I analyse the mindset of the leaders with a myopic vision I also conclude that the vulgar show of yellow metal is a coverup for the short comings of these leaders.

In an attempt to show that they are somebody they have to resort to such gimmicks because they do not have any achievements to fall back on. They are actually people who need to be treated for identity crisis.

This setup gives out wrong signals to the younger generation who may get their priorities misplaced.

In my view this is the kind of garbage has to be dealt expeditiously because it is bound to have long term implications.

Let us help these sick people in identifying themselves.


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