Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Through the eyes of … a friend

This is some thing I have never done. Write something through the eyes of some third person who also happens to be a dear friend; I have always considered that writing is all about penning down what I feel and believe deep inside.

But today is different; as I sit in the confines of my house and enjoy my evening supper……. feeling reassured and thankful to the one above; I cannot ignore the mid August rains which should have by now waned in intensity but this is the beauty of life nothing is certain, not even the telephone call, which I seldom attend to in the midst of my dinner.

But looking at the display of my blackberry; the frown on my face changes to smile…… what a paradoxical situation this phone call had caused!! Is it because I had received a call from a dear friend (who is younger than me by almost a decade and a half); who makes me really inquisitive and ponder over the kind of person he is. What intrigues me most is his level of maturity and understanding, which is definitely not by virtue of his age and experience.

I hurriedly finish gulping down the remaining food while keeping the call on hold. I immediately walk out into the shelter of my car porch where I realise that it is still raining incessantly. Not having the courage to drench my beloved blackberry, I settle down on the steps of my house outside the main door. As I further discussed with him and continued exchanging views; some part of the conversation drew me into a whirlpool of thought. I got so engrossed in what he was telling; that I failed to notice that I had unknowingly become a feast for a swarm of mosquitoes.

I start visualising…….. through his eyes…….

"I sit across seeing the beautiful Pipal tree which looks so majestic against the lighting which is sparse, while the occasional leaf reflects the light incident on its watery surface; fluttering in the gentle breeze to which it can offer no resistance. The only sound which is audible is the hushing of the breeze as it whizzes through the leaves of this majestic tree; standing tall like a warrior on an elevated podium.''

"A group of boys all driven by virtue of hormones in the age group of 22 to 25 are unknowingly disturbing the beautiful silence. I know I cannot be a part of this noisy group. I accept the banter of this noisy group and quietly reflect on the day that’s gone by…… the evening I spent playing with my kid …… the time I spent with my beloved wife doing sundry work which she could have easily done….. all for the people who matter most in our life. But after having so many reasons to be happy; then why the need for all this ………silence, solitude….. being with your self…… having your space''?? he continued…… talking on some other topic abruptly stopping at the question and without waiting for an answer.

After listening to my friend in rapt attention I continued my conversation for a few minutes on some current topics before finally disconnecting the call. I was left pondering over what he spoke and the unanswered questions he had left before concluding his talk with me. On deeply thinking I realised that these special moments with one self only helps the process of being aware…. being aware of one’s emotions……. while taking in the beautiful ambience of a evening…..even realising the love for his little child and his wife who stands by him in thick and thin. In other circumstances in our daily course of work we tend to be judgmental ,and try to find out intentions beyond words and action. This only leads to more tension and anguish. So it is necessary to develop awareness by giving time for reflecting and this can be only done in solitude….. which my friend rightly did!!

With these words I want to give space to my readers who would want to reflect on my writing……. not before thanking my friend who provided stimulus to my thought process…… Thank you dear Chetan.


  1. jagdish........i m not a reader,,i never read books,but wat u write is vry interesting,n while bussy with my work ol day long in my office,,d things wat i wish to do aftr the work is to talk to some of my closest friends ovr phone,listen to some nice songs and read ur blog...i dont know any writers or authors...the only writer i know is u,,u express ur thoughts in words at its best....n the only book m ever gonna buy n read it is urs...cheers dear jagdish ji.

  2. "feast for a swarm of mosquitoes" well said bro lolz

  3. At a point in life, we all are forced to look back and think about things and incident which took place. You are a true friend if you can see things through eyes of your friend, it helps you to understand his perspective.

    I can recall days and year we spent together, had some differeces but that was necessary to understand what we like and what we hate and you will agree that improved our understanding of each other. This is what I call looking through each other's eye.

    I can not write like you, but I must appreciate your way of presenting a moment in life with simple words. Keep on writing Jags :)