Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thoughts.......Potent Energy!!!

Hi, I am one among many faces we come across in the daily course of life. I do believe some where down the line everybody has a thought process which is introspective, good and noble.

However most of the time even though we know the thoughts are good we fail to take cognizance of these thoughts and when the time comes to act upon them, the idea is too far fetched .

I too belonged to this category for most part of my adult life. However one fine morning while taking a walk I started thinking on a relevant aspect which has very often dominated my conscience.

This thought has periodically recurred to me more often than not. As usual I started wondering; so many thoughts come and go...... Where do they originate from? and Where do they end? .......or do they really have an end because if they had an end then how did they recur? Are we responsible for these thoughts.. ..... If so, then what happens to all the thoughts....... the resultant emotions we feel .. love, anger, sympathy......etc etc after we die one day. How will anyone know the turmoil that one goes through...... to face the challenges that life throws at us. How did I deal with it. Why was there no action on a brilliant thought; all these questions are so relevant if you choose to acknowledge them.

I am sure everyone will agree that thoughts are the most powerful form of energy because they have driven people to achieve feats which are beyond human capacity but thoughts have a drawback they are not indelible.

For the thoughts to take form we have to first believe them and the next step is to act upon them. That's what I am doing right now. I am writing down the thoughts I believe in, this is the simplest way I think I can act upon them. By writing I can actually see my thoughts and this helps me to analyse and finally act upon them.

I keep writing furiously worried that I might miss out the potent thoughts which are flowing without respite but I know one thing for sure they are not indelible and can be disturbed by the chatter of children playing outside on a holiday.

I decide it is time to stop and enjoy my holiday too!!



  1. so many thoughts come and go...... Where do they originate from? and Where do they end?......

    DO you know Jaggu, what exactly is meditation ? Most of people will say, with eyes closed, concentrating on your third eye and chant some mantras (different for different meditation and different people). Its wrong, this may increase your concentration power, thats all.

    Meditation is to watch your thoughts, like you said above....Where do they originate from? and Where do they end?......also, why they come, why they vanish.....can you control your thoughts......almost impossible....but, one who can control his thoughts, comes in a situation, when there is no thought is coming or going, and that is called state of enlightment. I may not have explained the way exactly it should be, but that is what I have learnt.

    Thought is must, thinking process is must, it helps us moving forward in day to day life and face different situation with ease. Those who can not think, are just like robot. And one who thinks beyond imagination of common people are known as most creative people (as per your other blog).

  2. Subhash I should say u have have written better than me ...... hats off to you buddy!!