Monday, August 29, 2011

The Lone Crusader………… Our Anna!!!

It is a pleasure to write on this gentleman; a gentleman better known as “Anna” or “Anna Hazare”. He may definitely not be a “beloved” for those he has been a nemesis!! Jokes apart. I do not want to dwell on the nitty gritty facts like his life story, where he was born or the other details because lot has been covered in the press and the other media.

Actually he has now become a house hold name. But what he has achieved as a lone crusader while standing up against the whole system, the loopholes of which have been exploited by corrupt individuals to gain while putting the common man at loss. He has made the whole nation stand and watch!! No I am not talking about any isolated incident but the fact that he has time and again stood against corrupt individuals be they in any position!

He has had the conviction to call a "spade a spade" and not compromise on values while discharging his duties in any capacity. All said and done what is it that keeps this man ticking and going, what is the virtue possessed by this man who is an undergraduate and also worked as a driver in the military force, such qualification and the job profile would have left many an individual embarrassed if they had to spell it out to someone who mattered to them in society.

We can at-least draw an inspiration from this that it is definitely not the level of education of an individual neither is it the job profile or the economic status, or the family background to which one belongs that can induce integrity of this level in a person. I would like to like to analyse the character of Anna as follows.

If we really have to understand; the aspects one needs to see is the “priority” of an individual! People get educated work hard to reach a certain position in their respective careers with the sole purpose i.e to earn money. But what one forgets is that they have a responsibility to discharge while earning money. The virtue which Anna possesses is that even with such a limited education and a humble background he realised very early in his career that we get paid for the responsibility we discharge, he also realised that where there is authority there is also responsibility for which one has to be accountable. This fact is not realised by most of the people in power today who dilute responsibility to make money by corrupt practices.

Having said that when a man realises that he is accountable and follows a non corrupt way of working he becomes a strong person with conviction. He can alone have the conviction to question a whole system like Anna has done a number of times in the recent past. But it must be noted here that one needs to have self belief! and must also know the power of truth………as Gautam Budha rightly said “thoughts become things” and “you are what you think”. I would like to summarise this write up on this great man Anna with this firm affirmation that I believe that there is a little bit of “Anna” in every one if we believe!! We all can do; what Anna has singlehandedly done!

Yes we can do it!!! We all need not wait for someone like "Mahatma Gandhi" or "Anna Hazare" to be born once in a century to remind us the “Power of truth”!!!

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