Sunday, August 7, 2011

English can be really funny……

I have been meeting a lot of people by virtue of my profession which encompasses a spectrum of activities. It is a paradoxical situation when you meet people of different kinds. The command over the language especially English also varies from person to person. It must be noted especially in a country like India that there are more than twenty six languages apart from the local dialect which varies from region to region though the language remains the same through out the state.

Having said this, I would like to draw a conclusion from the above fact that it is because of this reason that English may have become a common language taught in schools all over the country. One more reason being that this language English is also accepted internationally. Though English is taught widely, the language is perceived in a very different way. The construction of sentences sometimes can even confuse a learned professor of English because sometimes sentences are a direct translation of the local vernacular language. This some times ends up becoming a humorous situation which can be appreciated only by a person who has got a good command over English.

Before I proceed I would like to make one thing amply clear that I am not of the opinion that people who speak good language are in anyway superior to others who do not possess this skill. For me what matters most is that one should first be a good human being and after that every thing else matters.

Now as I proceed with this write-up on a lighter note and without prejudice to those who do not possess the virtue of speaking a good language. Like they say “ignorance is bliss” I was at the taking end of such a situation!!! And this is how it goes.

I happened to be invited to my friend’s house on the occasion of a family function. This function was a reunion of sorts for all my other friends who were keen to catch up with each other friends after a long time. It was an evening which was drenched in rain and sound of the heavy rainfall on the colour coated sheets also added to the rhythmic music playing in the background. The decorative lights in varied colours looked blurred and beautiful against the heavy rainfall.

I met my friend and his better half; who asked me after exchanging pleasantries “How are the rains in Mumbai?” And assuming it to be a routine query I answered him back spontaneously with the use of a common phrase. The effect this phrase had on two of our learned friends was unbelievable, they were almost……. like the term used in chatting these days i.e ROFL (Rolling On the Floor and Laughing). They were asking each other and hinting to my hosts how can it “rain cats and dogs in Mumbai”. They really could not digest it that it can rain cats and dogs; and continued saying………… imagine! My hosts also joined the laughing riot….. and encouraged by this my learned friends still continued their laughing spree.

I was really wondering what had sparked such a laughing riot……..only then did I realise that my hosts were laughing at the my learned friends; who in turn misunderstood that the hosts were laughing at me …… realising the comedy of errors, I too joined the laughing riot…… while my learned friends were still to realise their mistake …… the result was a good laugh!! I also enjoyed a good laugh which was at my cost including that of my learned friends!……… only adhering to another saying which goes as “Laughter is the best medicine” but I did not dare spelling it out…………ROFL…… to avoid another laughing spree!!!!

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  1. you can talk english you can walk english, because english is a very funny language.....A. Bachchan in Namak Halal :)

    IN fact some time I also get confuse, what exactly is the meaning of word or phrase used by people. Some people talk using lots of phrases and some use very difficult and unheard words to show their grip on this or in fact any language.

    Each language has something unique and good, its we who make them funny. I hope you will agree with me. :)