Thursday, August 25, 2011

Love is in the air..........

This beautiful picture you see above has been posted on the facebook by my friend Subhash; let me tell you even I instantly liked this picture when I saw it and even though I too appreciate such beauty! the appreciation invariably ends up with some beautiful adjectives which I express within myself and that’s all to it!!

I am in awe of this person who has been my friend, classmate and also my room mate for a good part of my engineering years a couple of decades ago. I have had my share of differences in opinion with him; nevertheless he has always been a part of my circle of very close friends over the years. Though technology has been blamed for many things that has deteriorated the quality of life but there is definitely an other side of the coin to it i.e it is because of this advancement in technology that we are able to locate friends and also keep in touch in with them in real time.

As I look back in time, I realise that one quality which my dear friend possessed and still continues to possess is that he never fails to appreciate beauty……. be it in any form; be it in the form of a piece of art; or a beautiful photograph; a beautiful woman or anything that is beautiful which has been created by god or the almighty……. say the morning sunrise, the sunset or any thing that can be perceived as beautiful by human senses; he does not fail to appreciate it. However what is worth mentioning is his way of appreciating!

The way he appreciates is quite different. The appreciation always takes a form. It may be in the form of a photograph, a painting, a beautiful tune he composes with his mouth organ and nowadays I have also noticed this appreciation also takes form of beautiful words when inspired by some thing beautiful. When in college I always noticed this trait in him but failed to acknowledge this beautiful virtue he possessed. It could be because of my level of maturity that I found this quality in him a little irritating , I used to wonder how this guy could ignore the fast bikes, beautiful girls and the other things which were our priority at that age, he instead would spend hours painting or listening to music or trying to compose some tunes with his mouth organ which some times would be a source of entertainment for us. In short he would always be giving some form to his sense of appreciation.

I also happen to realise that his habit of giving firm and frank opinions, sometimes at the cost of hurting others was also because of this quality in him. There was no element of hypocrisy. It is only the other side of the coin……..appreciate when you see something beautiful and give it a form; in the same breath criticise if he finds something wrong. The only difference in his critical views was that it never took any form. It would be forgotten and there was no room for diplomacy. I never digested criticism and it may be because of this I had some instances of arguments and differences in opinion with him.

Coming back to the above picture and knowing Subhash for the way he is I would like to think that this picture he has posted above may be his way of giving form to his appreciation for the lady love in his life……. his better half.......without giving any room for ambiguity and speculation…. I better spell it out ….”his wife Natasha”. lol


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