Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Being Helpless ………Deal with it!!

This is a feeling most of us may have experienced a number of times in our life.

There are brief periods in our life where we feel nothing is going our way, our life is not in control, the flow is against you!! What ever is happening seems too unreal to be true. The more order you try to bring about, the situation just keeps slipping out of hand. Everything you do is perceived in a way which you never meant to!

Life can bring about situations when your actions though not intentional can work against persons who have all along cared for you. You don't intend to hurt, but hurt is inevitable. You are unable to fathom why you have been brought in a situation when you have to act in this way!!

We all must have heard in business negotiations that we arrived at a "win win solution" but the situation here is such that any decision you take you have to lose. It is a "lose lose situation". The only solution that comes to mind is self destruction but then this kind of thinking has its limitations….. you are putting a full stop to the opportunities life may throw back at you to make good whatever has gone wrong and it will !!!!

Acceptance of a situation is the only solution at that moment…… the more you try to go against the cosmic forces governing our life the more difficult it is going to get. The only feeling that can help in the given situation is being in a sense of gratitude for whatever good life has given us. You can come out of any sticky situation only with this mind set.

We must always remember that change is inevitable and change is beautiful! This situation will also change and life will give you a chance to undo what wrong has been done…. Only if you live life kingsize.

Written by the optimist perennial:



  1. Wow,very sensible post...something i am always writing about.

  2. Very well said....loved reading your post...very positive attitude

  3. ...very well written, Jags, a great read:)