Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Being Helpless ………Deal with it!!

This is a feeling most of us may have experienced a number of times in our life.

There are brief periods in our life where we feel nothing is going our way, our life is not in control, the flow is against you!! What ever is happening seems too unreal to be true. The more order you try to bring about, the situation just keeps slipping out of hand. Everything you do is perceived in a way which you never meant to!

Life can bring about situations when your actions though not intentional can work against persons who have all along cared for you. You don't intend to hurt, but hurt is inevitable. You are unable to fathom why you have been brought in a situation when you have to act in this way!!

We all must have heard in business negotiations that we arrived at a "win win solution" but the situation here is such that any decision you take you have to lose. It is a "lose lose situation". The only solution that comes to mind is self destruction but then this kind of thinking has its limitations….. you are putting a full stop to the opportunities life may throw back at you to make good whatever has gone wrong and it will !!!!

Acceptance of a situation is the only solution at that moment…… the more you try to go against the cosmic forces governing our life the more difficult it is going to get. The only feeling that can help in the given situation is being in a sense of gratitude for whatever good life has given us. You can come out of any sticky situation only with this mind set.

We must always remember that change is inevitable and change is beautiful! This situation will also change and life will give you a chance to undo what wrong has been done…. Only if you live life kingsize.

Written by the optimist perennial:


Monday, August 29, 2011

The Lone Crusader………… Our Anna!!!

It is a pleasure to write on this gentleman; a gentleman better known as “Anna” or “Anna Hazare”. He may definitely not be a “beloved” for those he has been a nemesis!! Jokes apart. I do not want to dwell on the nitty gritty facts like his life story, where he was born or the other details because lot has been covered in the press and the other media.

Actually he has now become a house hold name. But what he has achieved as a lone crusader while standing up against the whole system, the loopholes of which have been exploited by corrupt individuals to gain while putting the common man at loss. He has made the whole nation stand and watch!! No I am not talking about any isolated incident but the fact that he has time and again stood against corrupt individuals be they in any position!

He has had the conviction to call a "spade a spade" and not compromise on values while discharging his duties in any capacity. All said and done what is it that keeps this man ticking and going, what is the virtue possessed by this man who is an undergraduate and also worked as a driver in the military force, such qualification and the job profile would have left many an individual embarrassed if they had to spell it out to someone who mattered to them in society.

We can at-least draw an inspiration from this that it is definitely not the level of education of an individual neither is it the job profile or the economic status, or the family background to which one belongs that can induce integrity of this level in a person. I would like to like to analyse the character of Anna as follows.

If we really have to understand; the aspects one needs to see is the “priority” of an individual! People get educated work hard to reach a certain position in their respective careers with the sole purpose i.e to earn money. But what one forgets is that they have a responsibility to discharge while earning money. The virtue which Anna possesses is that even with such a limited education and a humble background he realised very early in his career that we get paid for the responsibility we discharge, he also realised that where there is authority there is also responsibility for which one has to be accountable. This fact is not realised by most of the people in power today who dilute responsibility to make money by corrupt practices.

Having said that when a man realises that he is accountable and follows a non corrupt way of working he becomes a strong person with conviction. He can alone have the conviction to question a whole system like Anna has done a number of times in the recent past. But it must be noted here that one needs to have self belief! and must also know the power of truth………as Gautam Budha rightly said “thoughts become things” and “you are what you think”. I would like to summarise this write up on this great man Anna with this firm affirmation that I believe that there is a little bit of “Anna” in every one if we believe!! We all can do; what Anna has singlehandedly done!

Yes we can do it!!! We all need not wait for someone like "Mahatma Gandhi" or "Anna Hazare" to be born once in a century to remind us the “Power of truth”!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Love is in the air..........

This beautiful picture you see above has been posted on the facebook by my friend Subhash; let me tell you even I instantly liked this picture when I saw it and even though I too appreciate such beauty! the appreciation invariably ends up with some beautiful adjectives which I express within myself and that’s all to it!!

I am in awe of this person who has been my friend, classmate and also my room mate for a good part of my engineering years a couple of decades ago. I have had my share of differences in opinion with him; nevertheless he has always been a part of my circle of very close friends over the years. Though technology has been blamed for many things that has deteriorated the quality of life but there is definitely an other side of the coin to it i.e it is because of this advancement in technology that we are able to locate friends and also keep in touch in with them in real time.

As I look back in time, I realise that one quality which my dear friend possessed and still continues to possess is that he never fails to appreciate beauty……. be it in any form; be it in the form of a piece of art; or a beautiful photograph; a beautiful woman or anything that is beautiful which has been created by god or the almighty……. say the morning sunrise, the sunset or any thing that can be perceived as beautiful by human senses; he does not fail to appreciate it. However what is worth mentioning is his way of appreciating!

The way he appreciates is quite different. The appreciation always takes a form. It may be in the form of a photograph, a painting, a beautiful tune he composes with his mouth organ and nowadays I have also noticed this appreciation also takes form of beautiful words when inspired by some thing beautiful. When in college I always noticed this trait in him but failed to acknowledge this beautiful virtue he possessed. It could be because of my level of maturity that I found this quality in him a little irritating , I used to wonder how this guy could ignore the fast bikes, beautiful girls and the other things which were our priority at that age, he instead would spend hours painting or listening to music or trying to compose some tunes with his mouth organ which some times would be a source of entertainment for us. In short he would always be giving some form to his sense of appreciation.

I also happen to realise that his habit of giving firm and frank opinions, sometimes at the cost of hurting others was also because of this quality in him. There was no element of hypocrisy. It is only the other side of the coin……..appreciate when you see something beautiful and give it a form; in the same breath criticise if he finds something wrong. The only difference in his critical views was that it never took any form. It would be forgotten and there was no room for diplomacy. I never digested criticism and it may be because of this I had some instances of arguments and differences in opinion with him.

Coming back to the above picture and knowing Subhash for the way he is I would like to think that this picture he has posted above may be his way of giving form to his appreciation for the lady love in his life……. his better half.......without giving any room for ambiguity and speculation…. I better spell it out ….”his wife Natasha”. lol


Friday, August 19, 2011

beautiful even in death..... :-(

I sit cribbing about the traffic which is caused by the (mis)planning of authorities. I am irritated no end as my cell phone rings continuously and asks for my attention. Exasperated I disconnect the important call which I wrongly assume was getting on my nerves. The actual cause is the traffic congestion which is causing the anxiety . Trying to look away from the real cause of the problem on hand I turn left and lower the glass window to feel the world outside the air-conditioned confines of the car.

My eyes fall on a dead tree which is standing tall with all the branches intact. The left-over natural wooden frame of the tree that included many branches; sub-branches and twigs are so asymmetric that it can put even a structural engineer to test; trying to locate the centre of gravity. I am really amazed looking at this glossy finished wooden trunk which is shining with a tinge of green in the evening fading light. Even in this state without a single leaf to carry out photosynthesis, it looks as if it could just start sprouting and bring a smile to my face.

Even though this tree looks so beautiful in death, it brought a frown to my face thinking how it had been killed in the garb of making way for development. The real cause of its death was that there was no room left for its roots to grow and develop; because of the unmindful excavation.

And what is the so called development? Here the development in question is a beautiful four way flyover which is being constructed so that more vehicles can pass over the city in lesser time without hindrance. The city planners do provide an allowance for the trees to be protected. Some times when a specific number of full grown trees are cut they insist that a specific number of saplings be planted against every tree cut to maintain the number of tree ratio per every square meter.

Having complied with the norms set by these so called agencies we feel that we are really protecting the environment. I am of the firm opinion that though these norms are in place for all to see but who really ensures their compliance? All these norms are myopic and do not really help in development. What we perceive as development; is really a pseudo development. If we consider a case in point we are building a flyover to provide for increase vehicular traffic and all this by uprooting such beautiful trees which give out life supporting oxygen while reducing the carbon dioxide which is consumed in the process of photosynthesis.

On the other hand increase in vehicular traffic amounts to increase in carbon monoxide emissions which is detrimental to the health of people and special care needs to be taken ……. So where is the development? The progress which necessitates the killing or can I call it murder of such beautiful but mute living things which cannot do anything to protect themselves in self defense. At the least;they cannot even cry in pain so that people become aware of their suffering as living beings.

But the majestic tree which I am now watching represents the bleak future people have in store; if protection of nature is not given top priority. I gulp down the lump in my throat which is generally followed by tears in the eyes but i don't reach that stage; while looking and mourning the death of this beautiful and majestic tree.

The presence of traffic police forces me to cajole my driver to take the vehicle a little further in the traffic to avoid penalty for parking in the wrong location; both me and my driver start looking back at the dead tree. I start introspecting and feel convinced that all this development is a farce and will be realized by the future generations to come, who still have to see the light of the day.

Jagdish S Kolur

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Through the eyes of … a friend

This is some thing I have never done. Write something through the eyes of some third person who also happens to be a dear friend; I have always considered that writing is all about penning down what I feel and believe deep inside.

But today is different; as I sit in the confines of my house and enjoy my evening supper……. feeling reassured and thankful to the one above; I cannot ignore the mid August rains which should have by now waned in intensity but this is the beauty of life nothing is certain, not even the telephone call, which I seldom attend to in the midst of my dinner.

But looking at the display of my blackberry; the frown on my face changes to smile…… what a paradoxical situation this phone call had caused!! Is it because I had received a call from a dear friend (who is younger than me by almost a decade and a half); who makes me really inquisitive and ponder over the kind of person he is. What intrigues me most is his level of maturity and understanding, which is definitely not by virtue of his age and experience.

I hurriedly finish gulping down the remaining food while keeping the call on hold. I immediately walk out into the shelter of my car porch where I realise that it is still raining incessantly. Not having the courage to drench my beloved blackberry, I settle down on the steps of my house outside the main door. As I further discussed with him and continued exchanging views; some part of the conversation drew me into a whirlpool of thought. I got so engrossed in what he was telling; that I failed to notice that I had unknowingly become a feast for a swarm of mosquitoes.

I start visualising…….. through his eyes…….

"I sit across seeing the beautiful Pipal tree which looks so majestic against the lighting which is sparse, while the occasional leaf reflects the light incident on its watery surface; fluttering in the gentle breeze to which it can offer no resistance. The only sound which is audible is the hushing of the breeze as it whizzes through the leaves of this majestic tree; standing tall like a warrior on an elevated podium.''

"A group of boys all driven by virtue of hormones in the age group of 22 to 25 are unknowingly disturbing the beautiful silence. I know I cannot be a part of this noisy group. I accept the banter of this noisy group and quietly reflect on the day that’s gone by…… the evening I spent playing with my kid …… the time I spent with my beloved wife doing sundry work which she could have easily done….. all for the people who matter most in our life. But after having so many reasons to be happy; then why the need for all this ………silence, solitude….. being with your self…… having your space''?? he continued…… talking on some other topic abruptly stopping at the question and without waiting for an answer.

After listening to my friend in rapt attention I continued my conversation for a few minutes on some current topics before finally disconnecting the call. I was left pondering over what he spoke and the unanswered questions he had left before concluding his talk with me. On deeply thinking I realised that these special moments with one self only helps the process of being aware…. being aware of one’s emotions……. while taking in the beautiful ambience of a evening…..even realising the love for his little child and his wife who stands by him in thick and thin. In other circumstances in our daily course of work we tend to be judgmental ,and try to find out intentions beyond words and action. This only leads to more tension and anguish. So it is necessary to develop awareness by giving time for reflecting and this can be only done in solitude….. which my friend rightly did!!

With these words I want to give space to my readers who would want to reflect on my writing……. not before thanking my friend who provided stimulus to my thought process…… Thank you dear Chetan.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thoughts.......Potent Energy!!!

Hi, I am one among many faces we come across in the daily course of life. I do believe some where down the line everybody has a thought process which is introspective, good and noble.

However most of the time even though we know the thoughts are good we fail to take cognizance of these thoughts and when the time comes to act upon them, the idea is too far fetched .

I too belonged to this category for most part of my adult life. However one fine morning while taking a walk I started thinking on a relevant aspect which has very often dominated my conscience.

This thought has periodically recurred to me more often than not. As usual I started wondering; so many thoughts come and go...... Where do they originate from? and Where do they end? .......or do they really have an end because if they had an end then how did they recur? Are we responsible for these thoughts.. ..... If so, then what happens to all the thoughts....... the resultant emotions we feel .. love, anger, sympathy......etc etc after we die one day. How will anyone know the turmoil that one goes through...... to face the challenges that life throws at us. How did I deal with it. Why was there no action on a brilliant thought; all these questions are so relevant if you choose to acknowledge them.

I am sure everyone will agree that thoughts are the most powerful form of energy because they have driven people to achieve feats which are beyond human capacity but thoughts have a drawback they are not indelible.

For the thoughts to take form we have to first believe them and the next step is to act upon them. That's what I am doing right now. I am writing down the thoughts I believe in, this is the simplest way I think I can act upon them. By writing I can actually see my thoughts and this helps me to analyse and finally act upon them.

I keep writing furiously worried that I might miss out the potent thoughts which are flowing without respite but I know one thing for sure they are not indelible and can be disturbed by the chatter of children playing outside on a holiday.

I decide it is time to stop and enjoy my holiday too!!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

English can be really funny……

I have been meeting a lot of people by virtue of my profession which encompasses a spectrum of activities. It is a paradoxical situation when you meet people of different kinds. The command over the language especially English also varies from person to person. It must be noted especially in a country like India that there are more than twenty six languages apart from the local dialect which varies from region to region though the language remains the same through out the state.

Having said this, I would like to draw a conclusion from the above fact that it is because of this reason that English may have become a common language taught in schools all over the country. One more reason being that this language English is also accepted internationally. Though English is taught widely, the language is perceived in a very different way. The construction of sentences sometimes can even confuse a learned professor of English because sometimes sentences are a direct translation of the local vernacular language. This some times ends up becoming a humorous situation which can be appreciated only by a person who has got a good command over English.

Before I proceed I would like to make one thing amply clear that I am not of the opinion that people who speak good language are in anyway superior to others who do not possess this skill. For me what matters most is that one should first be a good human being and after that every thing else matters.

Now as I proceed with this write-up on a lighter note and without prejudice to those who do not possess the virtue of speaking a good language. Like they say “ignorance is bliss” I was at the taking end of such a situation!!! And this is how it goes.

I happened to be invited to my friend’s house on the occasion of a family function. This function was a reunion of sorts for all my other friends who were keen to catch up with each other friends after a long time. It was an evening which was drenched in rain and sound of the heavy rainfall on the colour coated sheets also added to the rhythmic music playing in the background. The decorative lights in varied colours looked blurred and beautiful against the heavy rainfall.

I met my friend and his better half; who asked me after exchanging pleasantries “How are the rains in Mumbai?” And assuming it to be a routine query I answered him back spontaneously with the use of a common phrase. The effect this phrase had on two of our learned friends was unbelievable, they were almost……. like the term used in chatting these days i.e ROFL (Rolling On the Floor and Laughing). They were asking each other and hinting to my hosts how can it “rain cats and dogs in Mumbai”. They really could not digest it that it can rain cats and dogs; and continued saying………… imagine! My hosts also joined the laughing riot….. and encouraged by this my learned friends still continued their laughing spree.

I was really wondering what had sparked such a laughing riot……..only then did I realise that my hosts were laughing at the my learned friends; who in turn misunderstood that the hosts were laughing at me …… realising the comedy of errors, I too joined the laughing riot…… while my learned friends were still to realise their mistake …… the result was a good laugh!! I also enjoyed a good laugh which was at my cost including that of my learned friends!……… only adhering to another saying which goes as “Laughter is the best medicine” but I did not dare spelling it out…………ROFL…… to avoid another laughing spree!!!!