Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is There Anybody Listening ….. I AM A BOMB!!!!

Yes….. I am a bomb but no no …. don’t worry. I am not going to explode!! Because now I am a spent force as I have already exploded and done my job. For so many days I had been lying with the intelligence agencies who were trying to find out my antecedents. I even heard the investigating officers discussing amongst themselves that I had been assembled in a neighbouring country. The people who they referred to as terrorist had trained in military assisted camps.

The terrorists had been trained in the basic procedure of how to use me. The assumptions mostly made by the investigating officers were correct. But at the end of the day I have been used and my pieces have now been dumped in a corner of a dimly lit dump room. Nobody bothers to show any interest in me. My life has changed radically ever since I exploded and now I only have my shell left with me. I feel so nauseated when I look at my other parts which are still covered with dry clotted blood. The other parts of my body which were spread out have now been collected and put in a plastic bag. The investigating agencies have already sent some of my parts to forensic laboratories where my body is being subjected to various physical and chemical tests.

I have been badly let down by the people who were responsible for bringing me to existence. But that doesn’t matter to me anymore as I have seen how ruthless these people were. I have been thinking over and over again….. The more I think; the more intrigued I am!! What was the objective of these people who manufactured me? As I see it; to destroy their own kind? Just imagine!! My basic nature is to destroy every thing in sight without discriminating; whether living or non-living. I often heard my handlers discuss amongst themselves how potentially dangerous I was!!! I was amazed at the intensity of own blast when I exploded. I would have never exploded had I known that it would lead to such a massacre. The first thing that hit me hard much harder than my blast was that “was i responsible for so many lives being lost”?

I cannot forget the scene of my blast. At first when I exploded at the trigger of some electronic or digital signal; the air surrounding the centre of the blast compressed and formed series of waves in concentric pattern moving at high speed demolishing everything that came in its path. My belly had been filled with shrapnel, glass, nails along-with deadly chemicals; I did not know all this was such a lethal combination. The air was filled with the smell which was a combination of burning human flesh and rubber. I was wondering why was I feeling so light and unable to see anything. Though I was disoriented because of being thrown around I realised that I could not see any thing because the combination of dust and smoke had made visibility poor. The reason I was feeling light was because all the contents within me had chemically reacted causing a large amount of energy to be released thus resulting in a blast. A bird eye view of the blast scene would have looked like a mushroom cloud going up immediately after the blast, which only increased in size as it rose up while constantly changing its colour.

As the air cleared I could see the faces of the injured who were groaning, screaming and some were in so much pain that they had been totally muted. Some of them had lost their parts of the body and their physical status had in an instant changed to “Physically challenged or Physically handicapped”. Some did not realise that they were dead because they were blown to pieces and did not even give their relatives a chance to perform the last rites. I was totally at loss of words at the turn of events my blast had caused; looking back in hind sight, I wished I had never been born because it was evident ……. I would have to blast someday and cause this mass destruction…….. which I was just witnessing! All this seemed so meaningless; even in this state of self destruction; I was forced to think; how could anyone kill so many people in cold blood for no fault of theirs?

The mention of my name is considered synonymous with destruction but I am far better off than the people who brought me into existence. Seeing all the blood splashed every where and the look of despair in the eyes of the relatives…..while looking for their relatives among the dead was enough to bring tears in my eyes too. I hear people talking about my strong intensity being responsible for so many deaths and damage to property…….. do you really think so? Lying on my back in this dump room, I have nothing to do but to think and what comes foremost to my mind is the screams, the pain; I caused to so many people……. But I clearly know one thing that I am not responsible for all this!. I had clearly seen my handlers and also my victims; there was nothing much to distinguish between them except that they were different in looks, religion, caste etc. All these people followed certain religion which only preaches peace, love and brotherhood; then why this killing?? It is because of twisted ideologies…. It is the process of achieving our crooked objectives by using even religion as weapon…..by reading things out of context from religious scripts and using them to meet their twisted agenda!

But that is not me…… no I cannot be so mean and a hypocrite. I only blasted when given a signal input and even when I exploded dangerously there was no intention to kill or destroy. I follow no religion which teaches brotherhood or peace. As I keep lying on my back looking at the cracked ceiling in dump room….. I see ants in a formation each one performing the responsibilities given to them. It gives me a ray of hope that when such small beings can be so sensitive then …. Why not …humans ….then why not humans?

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  1. Very senti realisation by bomb, yes, but he did his job without even thinking of result, hope these bombs had heart and mind to decide their explosion.

    We also have similar human bomb within our socity, who destroy our property and takes away lives of innocent human being. For example, all so called group leaders from different community. They were designed and placed by some dirty minded politicians and took away thousand of life in Punjab and Srilanka and also existing as MCC.

    Sometimes these mindless bomb do not spare their creator also.