Sunday, July 3, 2011

Destiny……. Can’t Change! Like it or not!

This is a statement which we must have a heard a hundred times before! We always speak of destiny in a lighter vein and consider it a part of life. It is something related to the uncertainty connected to every one.

Now while we dwell on the topic I would request my readers to reflect ……. on the life which has just gone by….. the years, the months, the hours, the minutes and the seconds just gone by. As you do this you may come across many such incidents where you may have erred. If you probe deep enough you may realise that they may have been caused by reasons totally beyond your control. This is what we all can call destiny in a certain sense.

I am not trying to define destiny, by giving you the above example I am just giving you the perception of the word “destiny”. If you take a look at our daily activities and the way we go about our life, we all are trying to achieve something and in the process we start planning to achieve what we are thinking of. The goal for our plans may be short term i.e it may be something as routine as buying grocery on any Sunday or the plans may be long term; like planning to build your dream house facing the sea front.

The perception of the success of our plans is dependent on how meticulously it has been done or rather how efficiently it has been executed or how conducive the circumstances for the success of the plan may have been. From the above we note that there are many parameters to be controlled and there are some which are also beyond our control.

Now consider a case in point where a difficult plan has to be executed. The plan will either succeed or fail but how do we react to both the outcomes? Now when a plan succeeds; we take all the credit for the meticulous planning, the efficient execution and ultimately the success of the plan but what happens when the plan fails or does not live up-to our expectation then we spontaneously blame bad luck or destiny…… or rather we blame everything else other than our self for the failure.

This type of contradiction and hypocritical stand results in a school of thought that any success which comes our way is solely because of our attributes. We fail to acknowledge the concerned people or factors which may have been helpful in achieving this success. On the other hand we disown failure in the garb of destiny. This kind of mindset in a person (which is very common) leads to person who thinks he is above everyone else, a super being. There is no sense of gratitude for the people or the supernatural powers who help him to achieve this goal. This type of person gets upgraded as a performer but degrades himself as a human being.

By the above discussions which may give a myopic view of the term destiny, I am not undermining the success of an individual or a person who may have achieved success because of his efforts, talent, focus, sincerity and hard work. However destiny does play an important role in the success of these people! then how is it that these people achieve success most of the time which may even question the theory of probability? Or how is it that they narrow down the constraints or the limits in which success is most probably the end result. It is not that they manipulate destiny or put in extra effort to beat destiny or fate or luck whatever you may call it! all the factors by virtue of destiny are applicable to them as well.

Now on close analysis of a plan we will notice that most of our plans (short term or long term) are based on the clock i.e we make a schedule or earmark a certain period of work time to do a certain task. By completing a number of such fragmented tasks in a set timeframe a target can be achieved. But such a type of planning has got its own limitation as the plan does not consider the direction in which the tasks have to be done to achieve the targets. This time based planning is exposed to the effects of external factors which can affect the plans……..and in other words can be called destiny.

The successful people have a different approach they plan based on the principal of compass or the direction. The beauty of this approach is that it is based on the direction in which the targets are to be achieved. A goal is set and to achieve that target many fragmented tasks are planned in a direction such that the targets are achieved in a time frame. Now compare the two schools of thoughts where the former is based on a single co-ordinate system with one variable i.e time but the latter is based on a two co-ordinate system with two variables time and direction, hence more accurate. It is because of two variables that it is affected to smaller extent by external forces. This approach ensures that the targets can be achieved most of the time.

Having understood the analytical part of the subject which has been discussed very briefly; justification may not have been done to the vastness of the term like destiny. Many of my readers may have a different take on the above topic. I would like to be brief and my only intention when I write my blogs is I want to start a thought process on the subject which I find interesting. I invite comments on this topic and also would like to know different views on the subject especially from those who do not subscribe to my thoughts.

On a closing note I quote my thoughts as under:

No one can change destiny;

No one can write you off;

If you are determined with noble intentions then destiny will change itself for you!!!


  1. I have heard this many times and this was repeated in the movie sequel "Star Wars" again and again.

    We do not know what lie ahead in future. And when, due to bad present time, we feel that we will not be able to achieve what we want to, then we put all our effort. If result is positive then we say, we have changed our destiny or opposite. Whereas it was destine to happen. Every thing is preplanned by a;mighty, its our mistake and feel of "I AM" which makes us belive that we can change our destiny.

    Only thing we can do, which is in our hand, for peaceful and happy life, to accept everthing as it comes.