Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Creativity is something most of us must have never tapped. Believe me everybody has a creative side but most of us ignore this beautiful side as they feel it may interfere with their profession. But some times we come across people who have made a career out of their creativity. Have you ever tried putting yourself in their shoes ……your immediate reaction would be that it is very impractical, risky and sometimes you may think that it is also stupid.

The first thing that may come to your mind is that a lot of struggle and convincing will be required. The real thing at the back of your mind would be whether your idea is sellable….there would be apprehension if at all the idea will work out? To overcome this kind of feeling we need to be armed with a lot of self belief, strength and conviction!!

The insecurities which lead to doubts within one self are actually notional feelings. The reality is a completely different. When one explores his creativity and takes it seriously he is actually creating a career opportunity for himself and how far he will be successful depends on how good he is at transforming his creative thoughts to physical things. From the above it can be inferred that the basis of creativity can be summarised in a single sentence i.e “Thoughts Become Things”.

Now this three worded sentence is very “loaded” and can bring about a total change in our life if we choose to believe it in “word and spirit”. However when I ask people what creativity actually means to them, the most common reaction I spontaneously get is……… creativity is a stress buster! True and very relevant but I would like to believe that creativity is something much more broad based and finds more application in our life.

For me creativity is actually testing the limits of human imagination and capacity. The only limiting factor is how far you can stretch your imagination. You have to be a dreamer in the real sense, sometimes ideas which seem irrelevant and impractical become reality. Now you may argue that science and technology are responsible for all the things impossible yesterday becoming possible today. If you pay a little more attention to what I just said about science and technology making impossible things possible……We can conclude that the very idea of applying science & technology to make the impossible “possible” is in itself a very potent creative idea.

Now I hope my readers will agree that creativity is not only about artistic things like drawing, painting, sculpting, music etc …. etc. It is about applying your creativity in every field or profession you are in. The only factor needed will be to identify the areas in your field of work where creativity can really be applied.

This kind of approach leads to success and growth in your career. Believe me the growth will be exponential and in equal measure or proportional to how far you stretch your intelligent and creative imagination.

So to be more creative you have to dare to dream and back your self. We must always remember that creativity can lead to prosperity however the vice a versa may not hold good!!


  1. creativity takes one to a whole new level

  2. hey its fantastic and so true now i will read ur destiny and then comment on it

  3. “Thoughts Become Things”. Gautam Buddha said will become what you think good...

    Creativity....think differently, do things differently, set an unique example, invent new things. In how many ways you can do same thing with same result. Yes, as you said, risk is there, acceptance by people and society will be difficult, no one would like to buy your idea. But in a longer run, you will be a winner.

    Creativeness does not grow with training or can not be taught in a school. People are born with this quality. Many creative people came from very poor and uneducated family.