Friday, July 29, 2011

The Bottom Line........

The name of my blog may be a misnomer.

Actually that's not a consideration for me though. Let me tell you for me it is an attitude, a way we look at situations.

Some times I see people get upset with their near and dear ones because of the burden of responsibility or it could be because of their behavior or it could be any other reason....... But what happens then?

It is normal human tendency to react.......react by cutting off relations or reciprocating in an equally nasty measure...... some times at the cost of forgetting the basic relation with the particular person.

That's where this phrase i.e "bottom line" becomes a very important tool, a kind of a phrase which I often use while explaining or convincing people who are driven by negative emotions against their own kith and kin.

The best way of looking at any situation is knowing the bottom line. For e.g you may have been hurt because of the way your mother has admonished you in presence of your friends without considering your adult age and social standing.

You are bound to be upset and may also react. But suppose you see the bottom line and think "who has upset you" and you answer your self "my mother". When you realise and remind yourself of the basic relationship with the person in question. Your anger is bound to be diluted.

The bottom line is one should remember the bottom line so that you don't hit rock bottom in any relation.

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