Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Ultimate Feeling………and I call it “Love”

Tired and back from work I reach home when the serials are playing prime time daily soaps. These serials on the idiot box cause more mental stress than entertainment. I decide that listening to my old music collection would be a more soothing option! I push my tired bones to the solitude of my room and start listening to music after my freshening up routine.

As I listen to this beautiful love song by Cliff Richard (my all time favourite) playing in the softly lit ambience of my room; I am pushed into the whirlpool of thoughts inspired by the subject of the songs which is invariably love. I start penning down my thoughts; the lyrics of the song are providing me with food for thought as Cliffy goes on……. singing “fall in love….fall in love …..fall in love with you”

The speed of my typing picks up as the series of thoughts start reflecting the effect of the beautiful songs on my being. I hear the familiar rhythmic voice singing so melodiously. These songs have been heard by me a number of times before and every time I hear them, I see love in a different light. Now as I start introspecting over my thoughts I start wondering what is all this feeling about…….. love? This expression brings about so many emotions in us and when we talk about love! It is an invariably personified expression for the people we care for!

Nature has made this beautiful emotion with a purpose, though we perceive love as being something which is unconditional, a feeling in which we only wish good for the person we love. We are willing to do anything for the person without expecting any thing in return. If we closely look at the wonderful design; nature has interwoven all the living beings with such a beautiful emotion; it ends up being a support system on which all the living beings live totally oblivious to its cause and effect. When I make this statement my readers would expect a convincing explanation to my statement.

I would like to briefly explain this concept as follows. Let me start with the life cycle of a human being. When a child is born it is the natural feeling of a mother’s love that ensures that the child is well taken care of. Can anyone ever dispute this! Such love and care ensures that the child grows up into a fine (say) young man! This young man is also driven by love but it is of a different kind, the age that he is at; drives him to start falling in love with every pretty face he sees; like I used to do so many years ago, jokes apart by bringing in such emotions nature ensures that civilisation progresses and the new generation sees the day of light. In other words if we analyse every relation we will find that love is a binding factor because of which one able being takes care of his/her weaker counter part.

One thing that I must highlight here is that all the living beings in love think that theirs is a relation which is unconditional! And it really is! Take a perspective view of this larger picture and you realise that it is a foolproof system put in place by nature so that the world becomes a better place to live in. It is because of love that one being selflessly cares for the other being without conditions. This ensures that the cycle of life goes on and I would like to call it the “cycle of love”. We can draw an analogy with the “Food cycle” based on Darwin’s theory. Though both the theories are very relevant; but the former is beautiful.

As I prepare to conclude my short writeup I realise that it lacks emotion and is more analytical unlike the topic (love) itself which stimulates a number of emotions and is a stimulus for sustaining life. I watch my pet German shepherd growling at some invisible intruder which only he can perceive, I call his name in a soothing tone “Marshall” his ears droop down and I can see the colour of his beautiful eyes go dark with love! I realise that he too is a part of this wonderful love cycle!

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  1. As I started reading and saw the name of Cliff Richard, those days at KHB colony and visuals started dancing in front of my eyes. Sitting on main door and listening Cliff on my walkman, Arun and Ram baby with cigrette in hand and you suggesting various songs by him.

    I still remember, I heard Cliff for the first time and still are my favorites....All my love, Constantly, Theme for a dream, The day I met Marry, Deviwoman, Bachelor boy and so on......this feeling is forever and not even time can erase them.

    I do same Jaggu, you know my love for music, its my best paas time. And also my Pet Lolo and now her kid Brownie, they take my stress away the moment I enter home. Right now Lolo is sleeping in her bed (although in bad shape, thanks to mother and daughter) and Brownie is sleeping on my bed. And the best part the way they wake me up in the morning, thats what I call unconditional love.

    Well written Jaggu, maza aa gaya.