Saturday, June 4, 2011


This is a question I addressed myself for the first time when I read a book by Robin Sharma. I really was a little…... a little…….. a little what??

I did not know how to express my feelings because I had never put this question to myself before leave aside to anyone else! I felt a little awkward and was left wondering; is it that I am the only one who has never thought about it?

I commenced my informal survey; starting first by asking my family and then friends; who I trusted would not think I have gone crazy due to over-thinking and nowadays due to writing….. On a lighter note I put this question to only a select few friends who I thought would appreciate my question.

After completing my small but relevant survey I came to the conclusion that most of the people to whom I put this question had never really thought about their calling; but when I asked them which is the activity they enjoyed most! I could clearly see the twinkle in their eyes, a smile on their face while passionately describing the activity they enjoyed the most. I told them that whatever they just described was their “calling”!

Believe me most of the people who addressed this query had a career in a diverse field; more importantly they were of the opinion that they did not have time to do something they really enjoyed most. I started thinking that in this fast paced life people (including me) have their priorities misplaced.

It is important to note that while money is the driving force for following our profession with zeal it is also important that there is job satisfaction in the process. Now let us consider a statement as a corollary to the one I just made and it would be as follows “If we do a job with a lot of zeal where driving force is work satisfaction and in the process we earn money i.e money becomes a by-product of the work we do. This statement is very difficult to digest! But is very true.

If you see the career graph of the most successful celebrities; you will find one thing common in all of them i.e all have listened to the voice of their calling. They have dared to follow their dreams; they have always wanted to do something they loved most; irrespective of monetary considerations and the result is they have become one of the best in their field! Why?...... It is because of their love for the work they do……which crystalizes into all the best parameters required for a successful career i.e there is application, dedication, focus and ultimately the best skill in the business.

Before I conclude I remember one statement made by the little master or shall I refer to him the way his cricketing fans do i.e “ The god of batting” or Sachin Tendulkar. During the course of an interview what he says about his success and his vast fortune is very relevant in this context i.e he says “ I only think and enjoy my batting; rest everything follows”. This is the way he summarises his success and very rightly so!

On a concluding note with a twinkle in my eye and a smile on my face I ask my readers “so what’s your calling?

The twinkle in my eyes and the smile on my face is because I am doing what I enjoy most…..writing!


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