Sunday, June 26, 2011


We can’t imagine what technology can do!

Who would have imagined half a decade ago that I could be in touch with my school classmates after a span of three decades! The technology has made communication so easy that we can discuss things in real time irrespective of where you are located.

This ease of communication with each other has reduced the level of sensitivity in us…….. In the sense we forget that the so called friend at the other end may not be really free to respond to the instant messages or cheap internet calls that we may make sometimes across the globe. The vice a versa is also true. But this happens by virtue of the fact that most of us are professionals having families; it is obvious we all have certain responsibilities to discharge, hence sometimes cannot respond to friends who try to get in touch with us by a click of a mouse irrespective of the distance and time zone separating us.

However being mature individuals we take it in our stride whenever we receive an “IM” that “busy in a meeting” or “call you later” such messages are invariably followed by smiley which depicts the kind of feeling they want to convey. All this is perfectly all right and justified where none of the parties are hurt because of the refusal of the other friend to respond!!

Now you may be wondering in the given circumstances, why am I discussing this topic which is common knowledge to all? Actually I am comparing two situations! One is what I discussed above and the other is what I am now going to discuss.

Last night I was talking to a school friend for a long time on the way back from work; while my driver kept listening to my lingo which was so unofficial and slang. Not in a position to ask me who I was talking to! He kept driving while I noticed his half smile in the rear view mirror which also enabled him to see me as I continued to chat away with an enthusiasm, which can be seen only in a child. After having discussed many things and getting many updates on several mutual friends, I happened to ask him about a classmate who was rather close to him in school. I knew for one thing that this classmate of ours may have avoided me in school because unlike him I was not very studious and sincere. I know that this mutual friend of ours has achieved a lot professionally and is now considered a top notch doctor in a foreign country.

As soon as I brought up this topic I noticed a long pause at the other end of the line. I knew something was amiss, I could feel his reluctance to speak any further on this topic. But the depth of my friendship forced me to take liberty to probe further …… more than anything it was because I was genuinely concerned. As he opened up and disclosed that during the doctor friend’s last visit to India; he had gone to meet him. He met a rather cold person who was very much unlike the classmate with whom he had spent his childhood in school. The doctor also avoided giving his contact details when asked for! He now realised that he was interacting with a highly qualified doctor rather than a child hood school mate.

With dejection and hurt in his heart he returned back with a realisation that probably it was the professional difference and the level of achievements which had become a barrier in between two friends who had started their lives together from the kinder garden stage. I did not probe him any further sensing that it was painful for my friend. We continued our long conversation on the phone on various topics and catching up with so many things for old time’s sake. We concluded our phone call after assuring each other that we will be in touch with each other more regularly.

After disconnecting the call I kept thinking on the conversation I had with my childhood friend. I kept thinking…… I started seriously wondering ….. how seriously must a man take his profession….. his achievements which are mile stones as one progresses in a career in a respective field. Does it really change us as a person. Is it that the person who has achieved much is devoid of human suffering….. has he reached a higher plane as a living being …… how different has he become as a human being. If you think deeply nothing really changes, then why do we give all this so much importance? …. All these things cannot stop ageing….. insecurities…. and ultimately death. But what matters most is people may admire you for your professional achievements. But if you fail as a human being all your expertise as a professional has got no value! On a closing note I remember what a famous author has recently said “ On your death bed nobody will remember the power point presentation you gave in your board room, what they will remember is the type of person you have been as a human being”. I think this will summarise it all.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Ultimate Feeling………and I call it “Love”

Tired and back from work I reach home when the serials are playing prime time daily soaps. These serials on the idiot box cause more mental stress than entertainment. I decide that listening to my old music collection would be a more soothing option! I push my tired bones to the solitude of my room and start listening to music after my freshening up routine.

As I listen to this beautiful love song by Cliff Richard (my all time favourite) playing in the softly lit ambience of my room; I am pushed into the whirlpool of thoughts inspired by the subject of the songs which is invariably love. I start penning down my thoughts; the lyrics of the song are providing me with food for thought as Cliffy goes on……. singing “fall in love….fall in love …..fall in love with you”

The speed of my typing picks up as the series of thoughts start reflecting the effect of the beautiful songs on my being. I hear the familiar rhythmic voice singing so melodiously. These songs have been heard by me a number of times before and every time I hear them, I see love in a different light. Now as I start introspecting over my thoughts I start wondering what is all this feeling about…….. love? This expression brings about so many emotions in us and when we talk about love! It is an invariably personified expression for the people we care for!

Nature has made this beautiful emotion with a purpose, though we perceive love as being something which is unconditional, a feeling in which we only wish good for the person we love. We are willing to do anything for the person without expecting any thing in return. If we closely look at the wonderful design; nature has interwoven all the living beings with such a beautiful emotion; it ends up being a support system on which all the living beings live totally oblivious to its cause and effect. When I make this statement my readers would expect a convincing explanation to my statement.

I would like to briefly explain this concept as follows. Let me start with the life cycle of a human being. When a child is born it is the natural feeling of a mother’s love that ensures that the child is well taken care of. Can anyone ever dispute this! Such love and care ensures that the child grows up into a fine (say) young man! This young man is also driven by love but it is of a different kind, the age that he is at; drives him to start falling in love with every pretty face he sees; like I used to do so many years ago, jokes apart by bringing in such emotions nature ensures that civilisation progresses and the new generation sees the day of light. In other words if we analyse every relation we will find that love is a binding factor because of which one able being takes care of his/her weaker counter part.

One thing that I must highlight here is that all the living beings in love think that theirs is a relation which is unconditional! And it really is! Take a perspective view of this larger picture and you realise that it is a foolproof system put in place by nature so that the world becomes a better place to live in. It is because of love that one being selflessly cares for the other being without conditions. This ensures that the cycle of life goes on and I would like to call it the “cycle of love”. We can draw an analogy with the “Food cycle” based on Darwin’s theory. Though both the theories are very relevant; but the former is beautiful.

As I prepare to conclude my short writeup I realise that it lacks emotion and is more analytical unlike the topic (love) itself which stimulates a number of emotions and is a stimulus for sustaining life. I watch my pet German shepherd growling at some invisible intruder which only he can perceive, I call his name in a soothing tone “Marshall” his ears droop down and I can see the colour of his beautiful eyes go dark with love! I realise that he too is a part of this wonderful love cycle!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fw: Dina Merhav – Sculptress from Ein Hod

Dear Readers,

Following is the transcript of the email I received from the world famous metallic sculptress Dina Merhav. This email is in response to my blog "So what's your calling".

I am so glad that Dina has found time to read my blog and agree to my point of view. I thank you once again Dina and I wish that I find an opportunity to work with you once again.

With lots of love,



From: Dina Merhav; Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2011 11:08:34 +0300

To: 'Jagdish';

Subject: Dina Merhav – Sculptress from E in Hod

Dear Jagshish,

How are you? I am also happy because I do all the time what gives me

A lot of satisfaction, happiness and success.

Take care and all the best.


Dina Merhav

Dina Merhav - Sculptress from Ein Hod

Participating in the Tsinghua University International Sculpture Exhibition
Beijing, April 2011

Click on Photo


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Saturday, June 4, 2011


This is a question I addressed myself for the first time when I read a book by Robin Sharma. I really was a little…... a little…….. a little what??

I did not know how to express my feelings because I had never put this question to myself before leave aside to anyone else! I felt a little awkward and was left wondering; is it that I am the only one who has never thought about it?

I commenced my informal survey; starting first by asking my family and then friends; who I trusted would not think I have gone crazy due to over-thinking and nowadays due to writing….. On a lighter note I put this question to only a select few friends who I thought would appreciate my question.

After completing my small but relevant survey I came to the conclusion that most of the people to whom I put this question had never really thought about their calling; but when I asked them which is the activity they enjoyed most! I could clearly see the twinkle in their eyes, a smile on their face while passionately describing the activity they enjoyed the most. I told them that whatever they just described was their “calling”!

Believe me most of the people who addressed this query had a career in a diverse field; more importantly they were of the opinion that they did not have time to do something they really enjoyed most. I started thinking that in this fast paced life people (including me) have their priorities misplaced.

It is important to note that while money is the driving force for following our profession with zeal it is also important that there is job satisfaction in the process. Now let us consider a statement as a corollary to the one I just made and it would be as follows “If we do a job with a lot of zeal where driving force is work satisfaction and in the process we earn money i.e money becomes a by-product of the work we do. This statement is very difficult to digest! But is very true.

If you see the career graph of the most successful celebrities; you will find one thing common in all of them i.e all have listened to the voice of their calling. They have dared to follow their dreams; they have always wanted to do something they loved most; irrespective of monetary considerations and the result is they have become one of the best in their field! Why?...... It is because of their love for the work they do……which crystalizes into all the best parameters required for a successful career i.e there is application, dedication, focus and ultimately the best skill in the business.

Before I conclude I remember one statement made by the little master or shall I refer to him the way his cricketing fans do i.e “ The god of batting” or Sachin Tendulkar. During the course of an interview what he says about his success and his vast fortune is very relevant in this context i.e he says “ I only think and enjoy my batting; rest everything follows”. This is the way he summarises his success and very rightly so!

On a concluding note with a twinkle in my eye and a smile on my face I ask my readers “so what’s your calling?

The twinkle in my eyes and the smile on my face is because I am doing what I enjoy most…..writing!