Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who Is The Fairest....... Among All!

No! I am not narrating the Cinderella story or any other old classic tale as the name of this topic may suggest but what I am going to bring to the fore is very close to my heart and needs to be expressed.

We all work in different spheres of life playing different roles some times as an employee, employer, professional, businessman or any other profession choosen by us, the aim of all our efforts converge to a common point i.e. finally to generate money while discharging our responsibilities.

But it is important to understand that how much importance has to be given to the two aspects on hand I.e money or responsibility. While it is pertinent to understand that since the goal of our activities is to make money.......... some of us dilute or compromise responsibility in order to make more moolah; this becomes the only criteria throwing everything else to wind even responsibility for which we actually get paid.

The byproducts of such half hearted efforts in discharging our responsibilities crystallizes into poor quality product while fetching more money.

There is a wide spread misconception that the only way to generate more money is to be unfair to the people you are responsible to. For me this is a deal which has gone horribly wrong; this deal can give a person only money but on introspection you will find a void within yourself......a self which has been deprived of happiness, esteem and work satisfaction ...... all this for money? ....... thinking it will buy you happiness. It is a vicious circle isn't it!

On the other hand if a duty is performed with responsibility in all fairness; this will give you money in addition to freebies like happiness, self esteem and work satisfaction.

So the fairest among all gets an offer "buy one get three free"! Howzat!!

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