Saturday, May 28, 2011


The topic I have taken up is very relevant and would be on the back of everyone's mind.

Since the past few centuries many people have tried to find the equation of life….. When I write the term “equation of life” I mean to say; how things occurring in our day to day to life are actually determined or how the circumstances or situations which are going to occur in future can be controlled to get desired results?

How can we control future or in fact know future? All the above questions are very relevant ….. they are actually apprehensions which drive us; to do what we do and also alter the way we think, the effect of such uncertainty is sometimes positive or sometimes it is on the other side of the scale or we can call it negative.

Over the period of time man has tried to devise many ways and techniques of dealing with the above apprehensions which are so important to him. Some of the popular techniques can be listed as below:

· Astrology.

· Feng-shui

· Vaastu-Shastra

· Tarot card reading

· Numerology

· Gemmology

The above listed techniques give only a cursory view of what is now being commercially exploited. However if I choose to enlist the number of techniques available; I can fill up a volume but then that would be deviating from the topic of discussion.

The object of all the above techniques (listed and unlisted) is to give a quick fix solution to a problem which seems beyond control. Sometimes we assume a solution to a problem based on the so called techniques even if it does not actually appeal to the simple human intelligence. The solutions seem so irrational and beyond any proper reasoning. But still we accept them and act accordingly!!! and wait for instant results? Sometimes the results are there to see and sometimes they don’t work out.

Actually there are two weapons available to all of us but we fail to notice and acknowledge them. These weapons or (read) qualities are there in every one by default but however one needs to have the awareness that nature has empowered human beings with these deadly weapons. The moment I spell them out you will feel that you already know it; but I would like to emphasize their importance here.

One of the two weapons I have been talking about is the human resilience which is there in every one by default …… i.e it is the capacity of a person to bounce back in crisis and take things head on; believe me it is a virtue embedded in every one but most of us are unaware of it! And the second aspect I have been talking about is something which all of us do every day and it is the basis on which a complete life can be lived and it is called "hope"!.

With such powerful weapons at our disposal do we really have to depend on the techniques mentioned above? The main drawback of the above mentioned techniques or we can also call them "school of thoughts" is that we tend to take things for granted. Having complied with the requirements of the above techniques one tends to feel that the results are assured.

That’s where things start going wrong because life has got an uncanny knack of proving all the human beings wrong; in other words "man proposes & god disposes" this is so true to the point that all the above mentioned techniques fall short of expectation and their limitations are exposed. The parameters controlling life are not effectively covered by these techniques

So it is better to be aware of the weapons we have at our disposal and use them effectively instead of taking life for granted.

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