Monday, May 23, 2011


As I look down at the fast vanishing city which is represented by small golden lights in random pattern which changes as the plane gains altitude flying above the gulf sea. The occasional white light which is interspersed among the vastly golden lights gives a mystic look to the whole city.

I am observing the lights which slowly begin to vanish as the plane tears through the cloudy sky and now the lights can be seen intermittently through the opaque cloud cover. For a person with an artistic inclination it would have been an unhappy feeling losing sight of the majestic view of the city of Kuwait.

The most interesting part of this kind of view is that it gives us a pseudo feeling that most of the city is very beautiful. It forces a similar kind of opinion from most of us and we forget that every city has got its own grey areas but I am on a totally different plane (state of mind) and not really interested in analysing the good, bad and ugly aspects of the city. All I can think of now is that I will be reaching home in a couple of hours.

As the air crew gets busy with their hospitality routine and the small LCD screen displays various entertainment options. I am forced to choose the graphical representation of the progress of the aircraft enroute to the beautiful destination (my home) which in my present frame of mind is the most entertaining programme

I keep watching the screen every now and then in between the sleep which is trying to take over my mortal body because it has been stretched beyond its limits to fulfil the procedures of modern day travelling……… but the will to see the progress of the aircraft turbo charges my body and I am able to push it beyond its limits.

As the pilot finally announces the arrival of Mumbai in a matter of 15 minutes…… I peer through the window of the Boeing-737-800 aircraft and see the most wonderful site. The lighting across the sleepy city is a little blurred as the morning sunlight overshadows them and in my biased mind I find even the slums landscaping the suburban hills……. a very beautiful site.

I am totally oblivious to the behaviour of my drunk co-passenger who is babbling stupid nothings to the worn out air hostess who is trying to be cordial even to him.

As the plane touches down with a thud, I would have in other circumstances frowned at skills of the pilot but I choose to ignore it and the plane comes to a taxing speed after shuddering and vibrating to overcome the air resistance which surprises me every time the plane lands.

As I walk out of the aircraft I take in the fragrance of the humid sea air and silently feel relieved for the safe journey back home…..

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  1. Home sweet home, no place on earth can bring happiness like our home. Enjoy :)