Friday, April 22, 2011


I have been inspired to write this blog because of various people I meet from different cross section of society at parties, work, conferences, gymnasium and various other places you name it people are there. They make the place what it is ……you go to malls, cinema hall, a cricket match or wherever ….. What is the significance of a place minus the people!! ……actually nothing. If nobody goes to see a movie on the first day the movie is considered as a flop. This automatically shows how significant and important people are!

When people are so important then why do we classify people and divide them on the basis of economic status, religion, colour, caste, creed, ethnicity…..educational background, type of profession etc ….etc.

This classification of people is so deep rooted within us that we forget to consider people from the other class as one among us or rather we forget that he is also a human being with feelings, emotions, insecurity, sorrow , happiness…..etc …etc (so many emotions to list). The only consideration for us at a particular time is that he belongs to another class and hence not acceptable.

We take everything on face value….instead trying to find out why is it that a particular person behaves in a particular manner we try to blame his background or rather the so called classification he belongs to.

I have been a witness to such things like many of you who may be reading this but never given a serious thought to it. But during the course of my work I was to decide on some disciplinary issues raised by supervisors against one of the worker who refused to take orders from them. My reaction initially was mechanical and I was in the process of initiating action against him as is the general practice and with so many workers at site I did not have the time to dwell over the matter and find out the reason for the workers behavior. But one statement from one of the supervisors caught my attention he categorically said that “this worker is from a particular place and used a local slang word to refer to people from that area”…..this got my thoughts churning and my mind started feeling “am I also being a part of this classification process”.

I summoned the worker to my office and to my surprise I found him to be extremely well behaved. He had a composed and polite way of talking. His face reflected no aggression but his eyes betrayed the deep rooted worry which was also reflected in his grey unshaven stubble On probing further he explained with tears in his eyes that only the day before he had been declared unfit to work in this alien land. He had hoped that a stint of two years in this GCC country would have solved all his problems back at home. As I continued my discussion with him I also learn't that he was a graduate in commerce but was forced to take up this physical work due to unemployment. He admitted that it was the frustration due to the status of his medical fitness that he had misbehaved at the slightest provocation.

I did not know how to react but I did feel a little tightness in my chest which was due to the feeling I was experiencing at the moment. I just waved him out of my cabin with a sway of my hand indicating him to go back to work. He probably realized what I meant and left my cabin after bowing with folded hands.

Though I continued my work through the day I could not halt the train of thoughts which were overshadowing the work on hand. I realized that people are people……be they from any country, religion, caste, creed, colour, rich, poor, celebrities or from any other category or classification you name it…… all of them are people who have the same emotions, breathe alike, smile, laugh, cry….eat……etc …..etc. However we must understand that there is one thing common in all these wonderful people despite the physical dissimilarity i.e. all of them have a good soul … which is covered by negative feelings like greed, lust, jealousy and hatred … the real fight has to be against these negative feelings and not people. Why??? Because “people are people are people are………………”wherever you go!!!!


  1. You are right and you have understood root cause, but, still there are few people with extremely negative attitude and I find it very difficult to counsel them. I have no option but to take action or leave them as they are. You can not change them if they are not ready for change.

    Similar remarks was given to me by my supervisors, that I belong to particular community and thats why I am harrasing them. In fact I just wanted to clean the bad image they were carrying, but they wanted to continue with that image, because it was giving them some extra money. I hope you understand what I mean.

  2. Very Emotional Sir...
    Great keep it up... In Pal's language "Jo Hai",,,