Friday, April 29, 2011

Growing up…….

Trying to understand the transition from childhood to teenage to youth and finally to a matured adult. I have been through this process of aging. Surprisingly it all seems too quick to be true. I am surprised to see everything so clearly as if I am watching my childhood on a big screen, you may call it a large LED screen while traveling in a car for a long distance destination.

It is like experiencing two worlds i.e. one where I am watching my childhood on the imaginary digital screen and the other one outside the car window which is real filled with uncertainty, mystery, responsibility etc…etc and also includes the beautiful present, I watch both the worlds and decide without hesitation that the imaginary screen seems to be a better prospect because there is no ambiguity as things seem more uncomplicated and certain because they have already occurred in the past though over a couple of decades ago; moreover the world inside is more comfortable with the only sound of the A.C working efficiently to cool the confines of the car, this actually does not seem to hinder the train of thoughts which are being displayed on the imaginary screen. Only an occasional bump reminds you that you are watching the past in the present.

I see a boy of not more than 11 to 12 years of age who has just come back from school; the uniform is all soiled in mud and looks as if it hasn’t been washed for months on end. He has a grim look on his face as his mother admonishes him for the state of his uniform and he mutters to himself “you can’t understand”. But in his thoughts he thinks why they make such a fuss and can’t understand that being the captain of his B group team he had to lead by example; he had to dive and field like Eknath Solkar the cricketer of yesteryears. First it was his mathematics teacher in class and now his mother, why couldn’t they all leave him alone.

The irritated look on his face was a result of these thoughts which were disturbing him no end and just to add salt to his wounds his younger sister had to report the latest news of what her brother had done in school. She was more than eager to see her brother nailed because they always fought; she had barged into their third floor flat and started telling her mother what “anna” (elder brother) had done in school…..his mother started wondering now what else had this boy done????

Before I proceed let me first tell you about the boy’s family and his brief background. The residents of this third floor flat in an old 1959 constructed building ,were a family of five which included the boy (let’s call him Raju) his two sisters (one elder and the other younger) and his parents. All the three children studied in the same school and were born two years apart. Academically the two sisters were always ahead in their respective class and in contrast Raju was always ahead in everything other than studies. Because of these characteristics all three siblings were known to all the teachers in school though the reasons were different and contrasting.

Raju attended school very regularly however he spent half his time kneeling in the corridors outside his class because of the punishment meted out to him. None of his teachers had the patience to tolerate his mischievousness in class. Though they would get very angry, Raju always had the uncanny knack of making the teachers laugh in any situation. It seemed as if Raju derived a satanic pleasure by troubling his teachers who really did not know what to do of this boy and tried all innovative ways of punishing him.

Some of the teachers gave him imposition to write statements like “I will not talk in the class” sometimes up-to five hundred times. But in their heart of hearts even they were not convinced it could ever be a reality. On the other hand Raju believed in delegation of tasks and distributed the burden of writing such imposition amongst his class mates. Raju was one of the shortest and the smallest built but this did not stop him from being one of the most mischievous in his class which included boys and girls.

Raju was trying to stop his sister from blurting out what had transpired in school that particular day and he started thinking on the actual turn of events which had given his sister a chance to complain about him to his mother.

That afternoon Raju had just entered the class room after the lunch break. Actually a part of the lunch break was used to play casual inter-class cricket matches. All the kids would have a hurried lunch and even then they used to get only fifteen to twenty minutes of spare margin time in the lunch break to play the matches. It was note worthy that one particular match used to continue for days together because of the limited time on hand. But such was the interest in the truncated matches that no one complained about bad light or a wet ground and these matches used to continue despite rain, sunshine or winter. That particular afternoon Raju had tried to take a diving catch and landed in a puddle caused by the intermittent rains changing the colour of his white uniform shirt to brown and his blue uniform half pant had lost a few buttons in vital places. This had forced Raju to remove his shirt out to coverup his damaged pants with no buttons. The damage caused by the “Solkar” style dive was evident because Raju looked like a perfect street urchin with a soiled dirty long shirt and to top it the dirty shirt was longer than his half pant and gave the impression that he had only worn a shirt and no half pant.

Raju entered the class totally oblivious of how he looked! He walked with a confidence of a ramp model which was unimaginable. He went and sat on his usual first bench between two girls. This was his permanent place as teachers wanted a close watch on this short fellow where they could keep a track on him.

As the Mathematics teacher entered the class with a calm demeanor and started her preparation to commence the class …..her eyes fell on Raju….. her expression changed to disgust…… she lost track of what she was going to teach. She asked Raju to stand up and as soon as he stood up she was aghast and hesitated ................before asking him why you have not worn your pants? Raju innocently tried to lift his shirt to show that he had indeed worn one…but the reputation that he had............ got the better of him. she did not trust him.

She just gestured him not lift his shirt(the only consideration for her not to pursue the matter must have been his size… he still looked like a kid from the primary school) but she was furious……how could she tolerate such nonsense. In fit of rage she asked Raju his full name and he responded immediately by giving his name in initials….irritated she again asked him what that middle alphabet in his initial stood for….. and Raju answered her with a poker face that it stood for his father’s name…. .So why cant you tell your full name including your father’s name?…she asked him still irritated. Raju replied!......... and his shocking reply to this query made her ask him again “what did you say”? He replied in the same tone….. “I don’t know my father’s name”.

The erstwhile teacher had taught many students in her long career and she had never come across a student like this! Shocked at the kind of students she was trying to teach she decided to ask the class how many of them did not know their father’s name and all of them answered that they knew their father’s name.

Now she turned around to Raju with a look that could kill, which he later described as"fire in her eyes and nostrils expanded........snorting like raging bull; he knew she was damn angry! And she again asked him, now do you remember your father’s name? but mischievous and witty that he was, he spontaneously answered her “ma’am I don’t know my father’s name” and continued in the same tone, “ma’am in our house we don’t call our father by his name because we respect him”. The teacher was totally at loss of words and flabbergasted when she heard his unorthodox explanation.

She now decided to probe further and thought that may be the education level of his parents was not good enough and it had affected this poor child. She asked him again what his father did for a living and Raju just started saying “ma’am my father is a mechanic…” and before he could complete the word mechanical engineer she stopped him and asked him in a tone that showed that she had got the answer to the strange behavior of this dirty little creature! Do you also want to become a mechanic like your father? You already look like one!

The dirty little creature also had a temper and he answered her in the affirmative that I also want to be a mechanic like my father and also went on further to give her a bit of advice saying that teacher we should never be ashamed of the work we do. The teacher had lost a good part of the period trying to find out the antecedents of this boy whose younger sister was also her student and contrastingly was among rank holders in her class. She summoned Raju’s sister and asked her in his presence, “Child do you know your father’s full name” she answered her and on being questioned about the profession of her father she told the teacher that he was a mechanical engineer. On hearing the answers from Raju’s sister her nerves cooled down a little bit and gave a unique home work to Raju….i.e. he had to find out his father’s name before he came for the next class. Raju for the first time did not have to prepare for this homework because he already knew the answer his teacher was asking for.

His thoughts were brought back to his mother and did not want his sister to bring one more complaint home because he had promised his mother just the day before that he would be a good boy. While he was lost in his thoughts his sister had already emptied all her information to her mother who only the day before had sorted out a major problem created by (of-course) Raju….

To be continued…….because the destination is far away and the story too long!


  1. interesting, would like to read complete story before leving my commenr :)

  2. Thanks Subhash for being encouraging

  3. hey double interesting bro:) plz do continue... Thanx a tonn for presenting this article on my special day, remembers my childhood days....

    By reading this article i can replace mr raju to mr Jagu, as u were very mischieve kid, and the 2 sisters u hav nw...:) my mom used to tel me abt u...

    plz continue writing bro.... i am looking forward to c u print the accident article which u shown to me before..

    with loads of love yours

  4. Interesting story...waiting for part 2.

    This fellow sure has guts....... to stand up to his teacher.

  5. amazing, so much familiar. who was the teacher btw

  6. Great, fantastic, superb... And hats off to Raju aka Jaggu Dada who is always ready face the Bull... Nice and eagerly waiting for Raju-II. Release it soon,,,

  7. Rita guess who the teacher was......and guess the student too.........

  8. It has taken me down the memory lane. Reading this has made my day. It feels like yesterday. I feel like I am seeing an old movie. I just want to be back there where there were no worries and it was such a carefree life. I am wanting that particular teacher to read this. I am sure the teacher will be proud of you now.

    Cheers. Great going. We are all proud of you too. I am waiting for part 2 of this story (though I sort of know the story) J


  9. I always heard that my 'maama' was very mischievous. But now i realized how mischievous.. :D
    Nice story & eagerly waiting for more such incidences..
    with love,

  10. Waiting for Part 2.
    You were a rogue in school. How is it I never had problem with you in school ?
    As for dirty , muddy uniform, I understand. My son too looked a ragamuffin by the end of the day.
    Keep up the good work . Write some more.

  11. Brilliant write up sir :)
    hard to finish :P
    but i feel it would be nice to have a rewind button :P

  12. i was very mischievous in my childhood!! got a flash back of my childhood :D